T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung's being a bit shy with the details, but the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S II will be available in white for the holidays. That's the same 4.5-inch device we've come to know and love -- be sure to read our full review -- only in white. We can't imagine it'll cost any more than the black version, but we'll let you know more on that when we get it.

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T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S II in white for the holidays


Give me that with stock, CM7 or a Sense Rom and I would pay full retail on launch day to have. Put TouchWiz on it, and ..... meh. I'll pass.

im so confused my friend got her galaxy s2 on her contract upgrade last month and its white???? from the uk btw

I might just have to get this to hold me over until the Galaxy Nexus officially comes to Tmobile. I'm tired of waiting for news.

I will never own an Android phone that has the damned company logo/print right at the damn buttons. Get over yourselves and put it at the top if you must.

I've been waiting for VZW to get a nice looking white phone. I just moved my kids to Tmobile and I'm thinking instead of getting a Rezound or Nexus on VZW to replace my great running Tbolt, I'll add a line and get a 2GB plan on Tmobile for this bad boy! Love the white!So many now a days carry 2 phones anyways?!

I switched from sprint to t mobile on saturday and got the the Galaxy S II but returned it the same day for the Amaze. The Amaze is a much better phone if you ask me. T-Mobile service is also so much better and the network speed is crazy plus cost a lot less.

We switched from Sprint to T-Moble last year and never looked back. Way better service were we live. This phone looks awesome. I may have to sell my OG Vibrant and upgrade.