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Google Play Music

T-Mobile Music Freedom adds Google Play Music to free streaming

T-Mobile has added 14 more Internet audio streaming services, including Google Play Music, to its Music Freedom program, which allows customers to stream as much as they want from those companies without having it count against their data package. Google Play Music, along with Xbox Music and...
T-Mobile delays Nexus 6 launch by one week

T-Mobile delays Nexus 6 launch by one week

There's some bad news for T-Mobile customers with their hearts set on grabbing a Nexus 6 this week. The magenta carrier has announced today, via its Google+ page, that it is delaying the launch of the Nexus 6 until the week of November 19th in order to provide a better experience for customers...
Nexus 6 back

T-Mobile starts selling the Nexus 6, both 32GB and 64GB variants on offer for $0 down

Following a delayed launch, the Nexus 6 is finally available from T-Mobile in the US. You'll be able to order the handset online from the T-Mobile store, or from your nearest retail outlet. Both the 32GB and 64GB models are listed for $649.92 and $699.84 respectively. If you'd rather go for a...


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Best phones

Check out our brand new best phones guides!

You guys may have noticed a flurry of carrier-themed guides for best phones crossing the front page of Android Central lately. We wanted to round them all up for you here and give a bit of insight to our thinking when putting them together. Each one of our guides runs through the best phones on...
T-Mobile Un-carrier 8 gives you rollover data with Data Stash

T-Mobile Un-carrier 8 gives you rollover data with Data Stash

T-Mobile has today announced Un-carrier 8.0, introducing its new personal Data Stash feature for subscribers. This new Data Stash will enable anyone who doesn't use up their data allowance for that month to store this remaining balance on their T-Mobile account for use another time. Put simply,...
EE Store

BT is in talks to acquire EE for £12.5 billion

British Telecom has confirmed it has "entered into an exclusivity agreement with Deutsche Telekom and Orange" which could lead to BT acquiring the wireless carrier EE for about £12.5 billion. This means that the UK's largest land line and broadband company could buy the country's biggest mobile...
T-Mobile can't stand to keep their new feature under wraps

Un-carrier 8.0: A morning fire-side chat with John Legere on December 16

T-Mobile is preparing to shake things up again in the US wireless industry, and this time they're doing it by inviting you to watch a stream of… a fireside chat with CEO John Legere and Yahoo Tech's David Pogue. What exactly they're doing tomorrow, we're not sure, but T-Mobile's teasing that it's...

T-Mobile's Wideband LTE network goes live in New York City

T-Mobile has announced that its Wideband LTE network is now live in the greater New York City metro area. The technology allows customers on LTE to attain speeds in excess of 100 Mbps. The Uncarrier stated that the Wideband LTE network is now available for all customers in the Bronx, Brooklyn...
T-Mobile introduces unlimited family package starting at $100 per month

T-Mobile's new unlimited family package starts at $100 per month [updated]

It looks like T-Mobile is pushing forward with its un-carrier initiative with a new family package that offers unlimited everything for a base cost of $100 for two lines. Each additional line will run you $40 extra per line. Overall, at $180 for 4 lines, the package deal would end up saving you $...
The best T-Mobile phones

The best T-Mobile phones

We’re compiling the very best T-Mobile phones across all platforms, so you can take a quick look at a glance, and find more information easily. Whether you’re a long-time T-Mobile subscriber, or you’re switching and want to find out what’s available at a glance, this should help you out.
HTC One M8

Save $50 on the HTC One M8 at T-Mobile for a limited time

T-Mobile is in the holiday spirit and are dropping some deals to make the season bright. The latest offering is a $50 discount on the popular HTC One M8 (both Android and Windows Phone versions). The discount drops the full retail price from $585.60 down to $535.44 — not a huge discount but still...
Samsung Galaxy S Tab

T-Mobile will sell the 10.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S starting Dec. 10 for $649

T-Mobile is the latest wireless carrier in the US to announce it will sell the LTE 10.5-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet. It will go on sale December 10 both online and in T-Mobile's retail stores for $649.92. T-Mobile is also offering customers a way to get the Galaxy Tab S for...
T-Mobile agrees to display correct speed test results for throttled customers

T-Mobile agrees to display correct speed test results for throttled customers

T-Mobile took a big step forward today in the realm of transparency over customer data allotments and throttling. A statement released by the FCC indicates that T-Mobile will begin providing a link to a speed test that will provide accurate results for users who have already been throttled for...