AC poll: Has the latest T-Mobile security breach made you want to switch carriers?

T-Mobile Store
T-Mobile Store (Image credit: Android Central)

Earlier this week, we all learned about a massive security breach that affected T-Mobile customers. Hackers are said to have stolen the personal information of as many many as 100 million users, which allegedly included social security numbers, driver's license information, and home addresses. As you can imagine, the internet was not happy about what is just the latest in an ongoing string of data leaks across the industry, and some of the loudest and angriest voices were none other than T-Mobile customers.

While T-Mobile has a host of great cell phone plans, it is certainly not the only option, even in the competition-starved U.S. Verizon, AT&T, and their various MVNOs just might see an uptick in new subscribers once the dust from this latest debacle has shaken loose.

So we want to hear from you... is this security breach enough to make you want to leave the "uncarrier" for greener and perhaps more secure pastures? Why or why not?

If you're a current T-Mobile customer, be sure to vote in the poll, and drop us a comment below or on our Twitter or Facebook feeds to let us know what you think.

Jeramy Johnson

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