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The folks over at TmoNews have just confirmed that when the LG Nexus 4 goes on sale at T-Mobile stores in just a couple of weeks that it won't be coming with Wifi Calling (UMA) on board. Now this will come as no surprise to anyone who has followed previous Nexus phones in the past. The Nexus One, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus all worked on T-Mobile's network just fine, but none of them were given official Wifi Calling support. Just because T-Mo is selling this one directly doesn't mean that changes now.

This may sound bad on the surface because many users would like the ability to have the battery life and call quality improvements that come with Wifi Calling, but this is actually a good thing. Not having the Wifi Calling app pre-installed on the Nexus 4 means that there's a really good chance it has the exact same firmware as the unlocked version coming from Google via the Play Store.

When it comes to updates and variants of Nexus devices, the fewer models that need to be supported, the better.

Source: TmoNews

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T-Mobile Wifi Calling isn't coming to the Nexus 4


Natively, Google Voice is a call forwarding service. It isn't VOIP unless you use a 3rd party application to re-route the calls over the internet.

Yeah too bad it's not possible to carry on a normal conversation via GrooveIP due to lag. It's a janky workaround at best.

I'll be the first to say it, but this is a good thing. Hopefully this means the one they sell is IDENTICAL to the one on Google Play. No T-Mobile custom firmware.

My question is, will the unlocked version in the Play Store work with T-Mobile's 4G network? If so, why the heck is T-Mobile selling it for $200 more off contact?

Yes the unlocked model is pentaband DC-HSPA+ 42mbps. It will work the exact same on T-Mobile as the model T-Mo sells. The extra cost of T-Mobile stores, employees and marketing gets added onto the cost they pay to sell it, that's why theirs is more expensive.

Literally any one of hundreds of voip providers that a quick Google search will turn up.

The problem with the native client is that it requires wifi. Csipsimple, free in the play store, gets around that.
Free World Wide sip to sip calls with stunning call quality.

Some sip service providers offer sip to pots so you can call regular phone numbers overseas directly for dirt cheap.
Some offer inbound phone numbers in any country you wish.

But for friends and family overseas even a basic FREE no frills provider is all you need, like sip2sip.info or onsip.com. or

For some reason people always suggest to use GrooVe IP or SIP clients when WiFi Calling is discussed. However, WiFi Calling is amazingly better than any other solution since it works with your existing number and allows both calls and text messages to go through when you have no cell signal. I wish they gave Nexus users access to it. :(

For those that make a lot of calls, there are other options. Would be nice if it's the same model as the one on the play store.

It's looking increasingly like there'll be only one firmware version for this nexus instead of yakju, takju, toro, yakyuxw, yakjudv, etc. That's great if it turns out to be the case - the Nexus will be a real Google phone again, not a compromise with the manufacturers and carriers.

The more and more I read these sites, the more I have to laugh. If any phone other than a Nexus device came onto the market with this phones specs, it would be killed by everybodys negativity. But call it a Nexus and there seems to be a lot of excuses on why things are ok. No wifi calling, aww shucks its a nexus its completely ok. No SD card, well heres 15 reasons why you dont need it because its a Nexus. Only 8 or 16 gig of storage, man thats all you need. If this phone didnt have the Nexus labeling, it would be laughed at and ridiculed on how many features it lacked. I completely get why some of you guys like them, but for the other 98% of the users who see your posts about how Nexus phones are the best buy them and return them because they dont realize that Nexus revoles around software, not hardware. As far as the Nexus line as of late, it's kind of a failure, if you look at what it should be first, which is a phone. Even Duarte said the Gnex was riddled with issues, and said he wanted to strengthen the Nexus name, but how long is it before he admits this phone is a fail also?

The great equalizer here is price. You can't get a flip phone off contract for the price of the Nexus 4.

Hell, the iPhone 4s was a 3G only, no SD card supported, non-removeable battery 16GB phone and it went for a lot more than $349 and everyone love it.

Is the Nexus 4 for everyone? No. Is it a failure? Time will tell.

I agree that the price is nice, but i am more than willing to pay more for a phone with more features. And your argument about the IPhone isnt a good one. The 4s was released before LTE really took off. So almost everybody at that junction was still buying 3G phones. And I think your missing the point of my little rant. I was just pointing out that you could could almost take an old Star Tac phone, release it as is, and call it a Nexus and these type of sites will eat it up like candy and give every excuse in the world why it's ok for it to still have an analog display, no LTE and rave about it being brave enough to be a flip phone. It has to be awesome, its a Nexus right?

i sgree, if this phone wasn't a Nexus, people would laugh at it. However, it IS a Nexus, it's the CURRENT Nexus, and that means it should have the latest Google software first. That's a big selling point for some people, so it's hard to just completely dismiss the Nexus factor.

My Galaxy Nexus has been my best android experience to date. The Nexus line is based around software. That is what makes the phone what it is. Not hardware. If your getting a Nexus device or any device you should do research and see if the phone fits your needs before making an impulsive purchase. The Nexus line is the most supported device in the devlopement community. So if you have this device 9/10 your gonna root it and take the stock experience Google offers to the next level. I if i want i can upgrade once a year when the nexus line is refreshed at a decent cost. Unlike with the SGIII it will be outdated and soon as the SG4 is released in Q2.

Anyone who purchases a Nexus 4 through T-Mobile will be ripped off. Go unlocked, pay less for the phone, and cheaper plans.

I have a friend that lives in a dead zone, I turn WiFi on every time I'm there just so I can use my phone. WiFi calling is great if you have a need to use it.

If you are complaiining about the lack of wifi calling on the Nexus understand, that this is because the phone gets its software directly from google and the wifi calling feature is actually a app that is supplied by tmobile. The ability of the phone to do wifi calling stil exists through other applications available from the play store but direct wifi calling while using your tmobile phone number doesnt exist because tmobile has that feature locked to devices that it supports directly. GOogle supports this device directly not tmobile.

The fact that Android uses an app to use wifi calling (uma), is a complete turn off because on BlackBerry, it's built in. Btw, uma has come in so useful for me while deployed in Afghanistan because it allowed me to make calls to the US using my minutes as though I am in the US.

If I could have had working Wifi calling on my Nexus S I would still be on Nexus phones today. But I couldn't get Wifi Calling up and running and T-Mobile started to get worse and worse in my apartment. That's when I switched to Verizon and I went Droid RAZR MAXX for the Battery life. Hurricane Sandy has again confirmed for me that I made the right choice.