BGR whispers that they're hearing that T-Mobile US will carry 8 HTC handsets in 2010. Specifically, it's 8 SKU's and that's including current devices too, so they're counting the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, myTouch 3G Fender Edition, and the HTC HD2 in the 8. Which leaves room for 5 more HTC devices that almost certainly come from this leaked HTC 2010 product lineup. Unfortunately, the 5 devices will be split between Android and Windows Mobile, so we shouldn't expect 5 brand new HTC Android devices just yet.

We're unsure if the Nexus One counts, considering it is made by HTC and runs on T-Mobile but since it's only sold by Google, yeah, who knows. Either way, it's nice to be re-assured that hot HTC Android devices are coming to T-Mobile.


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T-Mobile US To Carry 8 HTC Handsets In 2010


YES!!!!!!! I can't wait to dump AT&T! I don't care if I have to give up the iPhone in the process. There is NOTHING worse than AT&T.

T-mobile is light years better in the big cities that AT&T. I know. I do tons of traveling. Most of these AT&T phones will be Android so that please me also.


I am in the same boat.. i HATE AT&T and cannot wait to move somewhere... anywhere (but Verizon)! My problem is i kinda want the N1, but i really want to see what will be announced in the next month or so before i make a decision.. that.. and i cannot live with a 500 minute plan.. even for 120 days... i would be paying SOOOOO much because i use about 1500 a month!!

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