If you love Angry Birds, you'll not want to miss this one. T-Mobile, at the behest of... someone, built a giant, live-action Angry Birds contraption that seems to respond to the on-screen game.

It definitely looks like the whole thing was a blast, based on the large mob that assembles and then all proceeds to take out their smartphones to record video. Brilliant.

So by all means, watch the video and chuckle, but be ready for this reality: next time you boot up Angry Birds on your little 4" screens, you're going to be sad for yourself.

Source: YouTube; Thanks Marshy!

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DenverRalphy says:

Lol! I would have loved to have been there to see that. :D

nickel3956 says:

I saw that on another site a couple weeks ago, but they said most of the "mob" were paid plants to draw a real crowd. Still cool

kingtz says:

The only thing I learned from this video is that there are a lot of really cute girls in Barcelona...

*hello, operator? One-way ticket to Barcelona, please!*

cheburashka says:

wait for me!!! im coming too! lol

That's pretty cool lol

RUSH says:

Fake or not, I love Angry Birds. :-D

VCL says:

Fake or not, I love T-Mobile.

cordell507 says:


rsk2mc says:

I.posted this this.morning in the app section

LeanNSupreme says:

That just inspired me to start playing Angry Birds

SedahDrol says:

loved it

crxssi says:

That is just incredibly cool.... especially the exploding pigs :)

drkPulse6 says:

thats just straight up awesome..

Cyrilmak says:


hybrid86 says:

What a beautiful, multicultural, young audience. And such perfectly white teeth; all of them...

cmorty72#AC says:

Loved to see that in person. :)

Justadye4 says:

That was the most epic, most sick, most amazingly innovative, most outrageous, most insane thing I have seen to date.

blaidth says:


trsteve1 says:

Meh.. I mean.. it's neat and all.. but it's clearly a commercial..

And besides.. Conan did it first


Tommy Lee#AC says:

What is so great about this game? It's pretty boring. Not sure why people make such a big deal about it. Dumb commercial too....

hemiguy37 says:

I vote to make it an Olympic Sport, who's with me!!

pageld says:

Behind the scenes video for the commercial. Yes, it's fake, there isn't even a slingshot. As much as I hoped for something that awesome, the people were a little too pretty.


Marshy says:

My life is meaningless now. :(

Kwaii64 says:

That looks awesome. Talk about advertising, T-mobile did it with this 1. I had to play angry birds after watching this.