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T-Mobile is the latest British carrier to announce pricing details for its subsidized Galaxy S III handsets. Tmo UK is promoting the Galaxy S III on its "Full Monty" plan, which offers unlimited data, texts and T-Mobile to T-Mobile calls, in addition to 2000 minutes to other networks. If that's what you're after in a Galaxy S III price plan, then you'll pay £49.99 up-front, and then £36 per month for the next 24 months. Right now the network's not offering details of any other Galaxy S III plans, but it's likely the phone will be offered with a cheaper monthly bill, in exchange for a higher up-front fee for the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S III will launch in the UK in just over two weeks, starting May 30. All five major mobile networks, including T-Mobile, are confirmed to be carrying the device.

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T-Mobile UK reveals Samsung Galaxy S III pricing


Poor old O2. They are spending millions of pounds offering people unlimited talk, unlimited text...and only 1gig of internet data. When are they going to realise that people want a decent amount of data. My wife has an Iphone 4s with them. In the initial days, the 500megs was just barely she mainly worked from home. Now that she has the phone for a longer period of time, and are aware of some of the features...and is venturing out more often...she is running out of data before her months ends.

Money is not so a much an issue for her....but having a phone she can enjoy at will is important. Upon contract renewal..she will be leaving o2 (like I will be doing shortly) for a company which offers a decent amount of data. For me, 4 gigs of data is sufficient.

Also...on side note.... I have an O2 unlimited plan..and when I regularly hit 4 gigs, the bastards cut me off...saying I am affecting the services of others. However when I uses a Giffgaff sim in my phone, and stream netflix all day, and have used around 16gigs of data.... not a squeak from anyone ? I don't get it. Giffgaff uses the same network ?

Like it or not it is people like you who ruin things for everyone else. Data is not free and 'unlimited' does not give you permission to abuse the system. If you wish to operate in the 1% there are suitable bolt-ons to enable you to do so, fairly.

The carriers like to say that their bandwidth caps only affect 1%-5% of their customer base, but if that were really true, there wouldn't be enough data use by even the most overzealous of users to tilt the network. Either they are lying about the percentage of users the caps affect, to try to make the powerusers feel like they're abusing something, OR they are moneygrubbing, and have very little concern about running out of bandwidth. "Unlimited" is a bullshit buzzword that hasn't meant Unlimited in several years, and I don't understand how it's not an outright CRIME to say "unlimited" and then tack on a cap. The carriers will eventually hit their maximum profitable number, and then they'll have to start competitively pricing to get customers. When that day comes, they can all go to hell.

"Data is not free and 'unlimited' does not give you permission to abuse the system."... erm so can you please define the term 'unlimited' please? Because if it says unlimited, then thats surely what it means!

Hey dude, when I purchased my phone contract nearly 2 years ago, I was told I could use the internet as much as I like on my phone. Hearing that I switched from a payas you go a contract plan. I was sold unlimited data..and that is what I would like to use.

If you were sold a car, and told that in a particular city you can go as fast or as slow as you want...and then they started to capp your arse to (say) 40 miles an hour ..would you be happy ? NO.

If you had taken a plan out and agreed to that the maximum data you can download in a month is 500megs...then I would not expect you to complain...because that is what you agreed to.

There is a service provider over here in the UK...which allows users (if they so wish) to download 100gigs a month on their mobiles...if they so desire.. they have sold they customer on "eat as much data" as you want..and are not cutting people off...when they use a "lot". For me...I simply want to use the data on the phone. The most I have used just going about my normal activities is around 6gigs of data. |I like to watch/listen to tech shows whilst I commute to work..or listen to internet radio. Wots from with that ? At least I am getting great use from the expensive device I purchased (initially a Dell Streak ...and now the Samsung Galaxy Note).

As long as I have choice of carriers...I will go with the one which gives me more I can retain my internet freedom

Nuff said

Maybe I'm not doing the conversion right in my head but that price and those rates seem pretty fair compared to what we pay in the US.

I was thinking the same thing... Seems like a steal compared to what I pay on VZW. Of course I don't know what their service is like over there compared to other carriers, but seems like pretty inexpensive pricing.

This is true, but at least gasoline is cheaper for us. I think everything balances out one way or another. Every first world country has their perks.

Just go prepaid guys! GSM ATT phone or unlocked phone with Red Pocket! Unlimited call/text and 2Gigs of data for only $60. Better than $90+ a month. Even if you got ot buy your own phone.

Or get a Tmo SIM with the $30/month plan on prepaid. I hear good things about that too! Just my area is ATT for coverage.

Do we have an actual source on this?

Just rang up Tmobile as my contract expired 6 months ago and have been eagerly awaiting the SGS3, but all their upgrades team are unaware of this and told me that pricing information would not be released until launch day. Sounds stupid to me as its all over the net, and all other carriers have given prices + started accepting pre orders.

If Tmobile themselves have announced this it would be handy to know where so I can point their clueless staff in the right direction ;)

To be honest I dont care much for TMO, but as I have been a customer with them since my original G1, I want to stay with them and get a deal!