Pretty big day for Android, yeah? First, Sprint gives official word on the HTC Hero launching on October 11th. Then word comes out regarding a new Android device from Samsung. And now T-Mobile UK has passed along information regarding the T-Mobile Pulse and all its Android glory. Available in October, it'll run you £179.99.

If you remember, the T-Mobile Pulse is a device built by Huawei and packs a 3.5 inch touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera (with autofocus), WiFi, GPS, etc. What makes the T-Mobile Pulse offering unique on T-Mobile UK is that it'll be the first Android device to be officially sanctioned as a Pay-As-You-Go device (PAYG). We're sure T-Mobile UK customers would be happy to hear that.

T-Mobile UK now has three different Android devices. The T-Mobile G1, G2 Touch (HTC Hero), and the T-Mobile Pulse. We got a feeling that they like Android and love to rebrand their phones.

What do you guys think? Would you want a pay-as-you-go Android phone in the US?


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T-Mobile UK to Launch T-Mobile Pulse Pay-As-You-Go Android Device


I hope this comes to the U.S. because we badly need something newer than the sidekick for prepaid data service.

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Yes. We absolutely need PAYG service in the US. I'm hoping the new Archos A5 Android phone will offer that type of capability. I have absolutely refused to buy any more phones with contracts and monthly plans. I currently own a TracPhone and will continue to use it until I can get a sweet all-in-one PAYG device.

It is definitely coming to the U.S. just a matter of time. A very short time. Who wants a F*%king DATA PLAN. F*&k the Data Plan. I and a ground swell of consumers out there want the smart phone touch screen experience with full functionality at 50 bucks a month flat on a phone like the PULSE.