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Despite no official word from BlackBerry as yet, T-Mo UK pegs June 27 for BBM hitting Android and iOS

Odd to be heard via a carrier and not from BlackBerry, but according to T-Mobile UK BlackBerry Messenger will launch on Android on June 27. There's been some rumors floating around in recent days as to when BlackBerry's prized messaging platform will finally launch cross-platform, but perhaps we now know. 

The news appeared on the T-Mobile UK Twitter page, which is the official, verified account for the carrier. Accompanying the message was an image of what appears to be BBM running on a Samsung Galaxy S3. Well, a kind of Instagram image, at least -- click on past the break to take a look. Is this for real, is it a monumental slip up by T-Mobile, or just why would we first hear such a big piece of news from a carrier? Our buddies over at CrackBerry are on the case, so we'll let you know when we have more. 

Update: And BlackBerry has gotten back to CrackBerry, whom we met up with at Pinkberry, and sure enough, T-Mobile UK apparently pulled that one out of thin air.

Here's the full statement:

On May 14th, BlackBerry announced plans to make its ground-breaking mobile social network, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), available to iOS and Android users this summer, subject to approval by the Apple App Store and Google Play. While there have been reports that BBM will be available to iOS and Android on June 27th, this is not accurate. We will communicate an update as soon as we have an availability date to share.

So, move along, folks.

Source: T-Mobile UK via CrackBerry

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Update: Nope, no BBM for Android on June 27


Google needs to buy the rights of BBM and KiK; then integrate the good features into Hangout (with SMS/MMS support) and finally make it available on natively in Android, and downloadable in in iOS and Blackberry.

Why would they buy the rights? Just build it themselves. They've already confirmed it's coming to hangouts.

Jeez! It's just an app, which I'm sure you'll use or try at some point...get a life already!
Kids these days...

Agree with halasteve, the more options there is, the better for consumers, I will try it out when its release, and believe many others will as well.

really? one good thing I can say about Blackberry is that they still like to compete. Other companies, such as Apple do not like competition and would never have something like iMessage go multi-platform.

Companies don't like to compete. They HAVE to compete. What they enjoy is kicking everyone else's asses and dominating the making tons of money.

I've signed up to be notified NY BlackBerry when BBM is available as a beta or final release & not heard anything, so guessing it's a PhotoShop. Wouldn't trust anything that comes from any of the EE Networks.

But if it's true then I might jump ship from Whatsapp. Will BBM be available on Tablets WIFI only or GSM & WIFI, as it's the one thing I hate about Whatsapp that it's blocked from being used on tablets?

Of course June 27th was an incorrect date. Coming from a Blackberry (my 9900 is still on my hip now, as I test-drive an HTC one), I can tell you that when Blackberry says "available to iOS and Android users this summer", that translates to likely an October date. Late October. Maybe.

As a 9900 owner, now very happy HTC One owner, this comment is on point it's not even funny (okay, it is funny :))

darn, now we'll have to wait longer to make fun of BlackBerry just like we made fun of Facebook with their Home on Android.

at least FB let us mock them a lot sooner.

Honestly I would love to try bbm on my photon q, then if I like it I know that I'll use it instead of hangouts which almost none of my friends seem to want to use but maybe with bbm and its brand appeal others will give it a shot. Until then sticking with hangouts.

This is why I left BlackBerry. Empty promises and no solid timelines.

I'll be happy to have BBM back on my phone, but I'm certainly not getting any hopes up for a near future release.

Until recently I used to be the biggest bbm cheerleader, but now I don't think I'd even install it - I think I prefer Hangouts.

Yawn no news really, I didn't use BBM back when I was using a BB why start now. Today there is even less of a reason to start using it.

I've tried hangouts and don't see what's so special about it. It looks like an unfinished project. Heck, I don't even know anyone that uses hangouts do perhaps that's the problem. Of course, I know of nobody using bbm as well.

The main advantage I saw in BBM back when I had a Blackberry was that you were always registered on the network, meaning anyone with a Blackberry could send you an IM and you'd see it without having to launch an app to do it. There was a time on the other platforms where you had to launch an IM app and keep it running all the time replicate the experience. However, now I don't see much use for it as notifications have become sophisticated and Talk/Hangouts seems to be integrated tightly with Android. In other words, a little too little and too late for Blackberry I'm afraid.

I don't even know a person who still uses a blackberry, why is this even news anymore or would anyone even care?

Despite the decline in popularity for BlackBerry there are still millions and millions of BlackBerry users out there. Heck, BBM is more popular than BlackBerry.

Long time BB user switched to Android (gs3) a few months back. BBM is one of a few things I really miss about my BB. If you have used it regularly in the past you will understand. Cant wait to get it back. As a previous post says though it wont be summer. It will definitely be delayed. Really glad I switched by the way. Android Central is my daily check in now.