T-Mobile thanking customers with a 2014 MLB at Bat season for free

T-Mobile U.S.A. is once again thanking their loyal customers with a free full season of MLB at Bat, this time MLB at Bat 14. That's the advantage of being an official MLB sponsor, and one T-Mobile passed along last year as well.

There's no official word yet on the T-Mobile promotion, but if you go to MLB at Bat on iPhone or Android, you should be promoted to redeem your 2014 free season. The current offer is valid until September 30, 2014.

If you're on T-Mobile and you managed to get your free season, let me know in the comments!


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T-Mobile thanking customers with a free season of MLB at Bat 14


Glad I bought the subscription for only one month. :) Plus, why do people pay the 19.99? If you buy it for $3 a month, for the 6 month season, it is only $18.

I'm guessing the postseason would put you over to $21. Still, I'm with you, being a Cubs fan...and yes, glad I only paid for two months instead of the whole year.

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Baseball sucks. Give me NFL red zone free for a year and I'll be impressed

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I installed the app, opened it and it automatically prompted me to redeem my free season.

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Got mine!!! I can finally listen to the Yankee game while I'm working !! Thank you T-Mobile !!!

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Alas, I have Aio, so I have to find out that the Mariners lost the old fashioned way.

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Jealous... TMobile hurry up and upgrade your edge network here so I can drop my straight talk.

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I had the same promo last year and love it. Watch game highlights of my Tigers as I live in Reds country! Plus love the notification I get when recap video is ready!

Got it on my 200mb free data T-Mobile plan. That is awesome!

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Damn! I just had to buy it in February lol but this is a cool promotion by T-Mobile

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As long as you're using the same MLB.com account on both, you should be in good shape, right?

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Yes, I can get it on any phone with my account credentials. No problem receiving free service but just don't know why the offer has arrived on two phones and not the third. Perhaps because I had At Bat on that phone last year and uninstalling it left something behind?

Got it on my Z10 and was prompted to redeem. I was wondering if they were going to do it again this year.

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Not into baseball or sports for that matter but this is pretty cool. +1

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I already had the app installed. Went to settings to sign up for an account and was prompted for the free season. Oh yeah let's go Giants!!

I got it. Second year in a row. I was waiting to buy the subscription. I was hoping T-Mobile would come through again.

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Why baseball? Damn Sport is boring as hell. Give me a full year of Netflix or something that won't put me to sleep.

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Got mine on Friday . Was checking the Dodger score and accidentally press the upgrade and bam Free MLB app upgrade for being a T-Mobile was really happy was just going to buy it later on this month . Just wondering when did this actually start since I just switched to T-Mobile 2 weeks ago from Sprint .

worked for me. PISSED my roommate off because he just bought it last week and we both have T-Mobile, lol. On a Samsung Galaxy S5

Got mines. Just download app the MLB at bat app and it should be the first thing that pops up.

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Just got it, wasn't getting it on WiFi but I switched to data and got the offer.

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Grabbed my free sub. Rocking the ViperONEm8 ROM. Also had to flip to mobile data for it to detect me as TMO.

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My brother and I were just talking about this yesterday because I just dropped cable on Saturday since I watch all my stuff on Hulu anyways. His first question was "Well how are you going to watch the Indians?!" To which I replied that I now have another excuse to go to the bar. Lol. We talked about splitting it 50/50 but now we don't need to! It worked for both of us and it even let me login on my N7 and PS3 which will obviously be great since cable is no more at my house.

I just installed the App, registered for a MLB at Bat account. But Im not seeing redeem free season. Im on a Nexus 4 with TMobile. Im only seeing the option to purchase $19.99 Full season, $2.99 monthly.

Worked for me on my Nexus 7 free data plan. I also use a Verizon sim for the tablet and have a Verizon phone. Not able to access my gift when using the phone or the Verizon Sim in the tablet. Looks like the app looks for the tmo Sim to run....thoughts and suggestions?

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For some reason the videos from the app look all blurry and most of the time its just a black screen. I use a galaxy s5. Does anyone know how to fix this issue