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There's no shortage of big T-Mobile news out there right now, and this one seems to fit in with what we're hearing the last couple of days. After announcing that it will no longer be subsidizing handsets starting in 2013, T-Mobile is also putting a new prepaid option through trials in select markets. FierceWireless has confirmed with T-Mobile directly that the carrier is looking to lanch a new set of plans called "GoSmart" with three different tiers:

  • $30 for unlimited voice and text
  • $35 for unlimited voice, text and 2G data
  • $45 for unlimited voice, text and "high speed" data

The first two tiers probably won't be too appealing to readers of this site, but the last one is quite interesting. T-Mobile's current prepaid offerings are a bit more complex, and you have to pay a minimum of $60 for any meaningful amount of data with unlimited talk and text. What is yet to be determined is what T-Mobile means by "high speed data" with these plans.

With its current plans, that refers to HSPA+ (or "4G" to T-Mo) and the user is then throttled to EDGE (2G) speeds after a certain point. Documentation of this new plan at this point is referring to "3G" as high speed, which leads to some confusion. T-Mobile hasn't operated its UMTS (3G) network independently for years, and has completely moved to just EDGE and HSPA+ for data services. We have to think at this point that this is just early confusion about a new plan.

Trials have begun and we'll surely know more about this plan if it ends up going live nationwide in 2013.

Source: FierceWireless


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T-Mobile testing new prepaid 'GoSmart' plan in select markets


Am I the only one noticing a lot of spelling and grammar errors on their website? Are we sure this is the official site for this? They started sentences with And, as well as spelling dumb, dum. Maybe I don't know what dum means?

You nailed it , actually their web site is live right now www.gosmartmobile.com. With the $45 unlimited you get 5GB of High-Speed web (5GB at 3G speeds, then 2G speeds for the rest of the cycle).use it however you like .With out the stupid straight talk restrictions of how much you can use per day or the stupid warning text they send you.I think straight talk is history.

The web site is not only live, but it appears to be accepting unrestricted orders.

I am located in Connecticut and I just went through the entire process to order a SIM card kit and reached the very last step ("Click to finalize your order") without issue. Does that mean the plans are live nationwide?

The SIM activation kit is $8.00 with a minimum $4.00 shipping for "Non-Guaranteed Ground 2 - 6 days" and up to $15.00 for UPS Next Day Air.

The $45 plan is definitely only 3G data but I could probably live with that since I can always download those really big files over Wi-Fi...

Isn't this exactly what StraightTalk already offers? I'm switching from VZW to StraightTalk, and while I'd be able to switch to this at any time (yay prepaid!), I don't see why I would.

Yes, but many users have been complaining of losing service for "abusing" StraightTalk's usage policies. Apparently, they don't you streaming or downloading although I never had a problem doing either when I had StraightTalk.

That's exactly what Straight Talk uses. If they went truly unlimited with no streaming restrictions like Straight Talk, that would certainly be something worth looking into. Only problem with T-Mobile in my neck of the woods is that the signal is absolutely worthless. Otherwise, I'd jump on this.

Can a person still use a smartphone on the $30, no data plan?

That would be perfect for my wife.


For 5 more a month, you could get functioning maps (Edge is good enough for things like maps and music streaming from Google Music) as well as an emergency way to check email or even some other stuff.

I used edge for almost a year when the Nexus One came out (before the ATT version did). It can work for people.

edit: The entire point of a smartphone is to have a constant data connection. There are others, but without a data connection, a smartphone is severely hampered.

You think I couldn't have put all that together myself seeing as they clearly laid out the specifics of the three plans in the article? Thanks for your concern about my ignorance, but the reality is that my wife really doesn't use data when she isn't around a wifi connection.

The last two months her data consumption was below 7 MB.

Anyway, yes I know the implications of not having wireless data on the phone. It would be far from "severely hampered" for her and the $260 a year would pretty much pay for a new phone every two years by itself.


Suntan, I see 2 of your posts and you clearly lack any social skills. If you were as smart as you claim to be, you'd know any smartphone plan can be used without cellular data plans (Google it). So next time instead of asking for help and then insulting those who try to help you, maybe you should just spare the rest of civilization of your rudeness.

There should be no problem in using a smartphone on that plan. The actual plan is on the sim card. It's just plug and play, business as usual. These are BYOD plans, so there is no "difference" in what device is used, as long as the sim card is properly read.

I'm sure it won't be really unlimited data; no one would get a contact, esp with them no longer subsidizing phones. $45 with@2gb is available for $45 on straight talk... Although they apparently don't let you stream music or video.... But especially if Google continues with low price nexus devices, these plans are the way to go. It's the only reason I don't currently have an iPhone m. Um saving $70-80 or more pet month and no crazy fees

If it is unlimited it will be without tethering (and you won't be allowed to add tethering).

I'd rather have 5GB + tethering than unlimited, because I doubt I could use over 5GB of mobile data, but I could tether occasionally for a tablet or a laptop when I am in need of internet on it.

It's Unlimited. I have the Walmart $45 Family Mobile plan through T-Mobile: Unlimited Talk/Text/Data. I only get $100MB of HSPA+; but most of the time I'm using Wifi anyway. 2G is more than adequate for Google Maps/ Music and Gmail, though. I'm saving $55 a month and will never sign another contract.

Me like it.
Bring it on
I will take order of $45 for unlimited voice, text and "high speed" data for myself and one order of $35 for unlimited voice, text and 2G data for my daugther

sad part is that these plans beat every single plan in Canada >.>". Even though WIND is cheaper, their signal is shit. Wished T-Mobile was available here in Canada, at least there's going to be cheap plans with better than WIND/Mobilicity signal. Cell service in Canada is outrageously overpriced.

Maybe they are finally not lying about their HSPA+ network and calling it 3G...

Now, only if Verizon would stop lying about their LTE network and call it 3G+ or something. (4G, according to the specification, requires a constant downstream of over 100Mbps and burst speeds upto 1Gbps)


Are people really still harping about this? Get over it. *Nobody* in the real world knows or cares what the "Officially sanctioned speeds" of 3G or 4G are supposed to be, yet we all know what the providors are capable of.

Move on with your life.


Sounds to me like the only person that needs to move on with a life might be the one indicating that others need to . . .

Way to be a prick . . . seriously - you do your name justice. Just sayin'

(Oh this was meant to be more funny than to be an ass)

Clearly you meant to direct that @Suntan - because if you had read my disclaimer you seen that I alluded to 'just playing' not serious . . . sheesh . . .

Nope. You. I saw your disclaimer but I decided to ignore it because the internet is always serious no matter if someone says the contrary.

I'm glad you clarified that you do truly understand what '4G' is. The whole 4G buzz is severely wrong. No one truly has '4G'

But for the record T-Mobile's HSPA+ = HSPA+42 > 3G so it too would fall under 3G+ Speeds I get are anywhere from 13 Mbps - 17 Mbps. Clearly that's faster than say AT&T's HSPA+.

I missed the part about ST and streaming. Not very happy about that. I have tried ST for the last couple of weeks. Had good signal but getting data working was a PITA. Still have my Tmo 30 prepaid though and i'm keeping it. Now if the Go plans are good for me with similar data capacity then Hello my new plan.

Well the website is up. Getting a Metro pcs vibe there. I'm in NJ here and we have a ton of these places. But and this is a BIG but most if not all are in lower econ communities. Oh and they don't seem to be labled a just Go Smart stores but Store that sell Go Smart along with other items (one even said jewelry). Have to hear more before I jump.

Hmmm... right now I have sprint 69.99 - 23% company discount = 53.89 + $10 "Premium Data" fee (LOL premium) = 63.89 + about 9 in fees and tax = $72.89 /mo

If this plan rolls out I could pay $45 + about 7 in fees and tax = $52 /mo

Savings would be $20.89 a month.

Problem is T-Mobile is mostly Edge in my area but from what i understand edge is about the same speed as the 27kbps i get on sprint right now so this may be worth a shot!

i pay about the same with Sprint. my concern with these T-Mobile plans are as follows -

the T-Mobile "cons" are -

1. shitty voice/data coverage/speed in some travel areas.
2. no "Conditional Call Forwarding" (CCF) which allows you to use Google Voice "Lite" for your Voicemail service.
3. shitty customer service from T-Mobile Prepaid and being treated like a second class citizen.
4. shitty online service for billing and account maintenance?
5. any other surprises? throttling?
6. no phone subsidy.

the T-Mobile "pros" are -

1. use whatever phone you like - drop in SIM.
2. no contract - freedom.
3. save ~$20/month.

not sure it's worth it - yet. i don't need to buy the cheapest - i just like VALUE and QUALITY for what i pay.

Ok here we go.

1: It all depends on where you are rural is always going to be an issue.
2: Yes CCF may not be there but you can have them take VM off that way it will go to GV. I'm doing that now with the 30.00 100 min plan and GV.
3: I won't deny that you won't get service from the corp stores but it not like they outright treat you like dirt. If you want that Verizon might be able to do that for you. :p
4: Well I've never had that when I was with Tmo post paid and prepaid is just the amount that is reg charged.
5: Throttling all depends on how much data used be it if your plan has a 2 or 5 gb limit. Once you get past that it goes to 2g.
6: Some consider that a Plus. I know I do.

On the others

1: Quite true so long as unlocked or on Tmo to begin with.
2: Gotta love Freedom
3: Yep that's where you can save in the end even with the no sub it can be cheaper in the end.

That's where Tmo has to do the education. Once people really see what they are paying for. The smart one will jump at this. The dumb and stupid get what they deserve.

2: that only works if you port your number to GV full out. CCF allows you not to port but still use GV. There's no way to do this on prepaid unfortunately (unless someone can correct me).

Why wouldn't I port full out? MMS and the future of GV. MMS I might be able to get away with. It's mostly that I don't want to miss group chats unfortunately (mostly getting the initial contact, I don't really like group chat over MMS itself). GV sprint integration has been very flaky as of late trying to do outgoing calls. No idea if this is more the integration or GV in specific.

That's a great point. Once T-Mobile moves to LTE, their HSPA+ network is up for grabs, as far as prepaid goes. Even though Sprint is planning to share its LTE network with its MVNOs, T-Mobile will probably make HSPA+ the prepaid data standard, still coupled by the fall back to 2g, until all of the 2G networks are re-farmed for LTE.

Err, doesn't T-Mobile already offer unlimited HSPA+ data and texts in a $30/month prepaid plan? I mean, I get that it's limited to 100 minutes a month, but since you could just use Skype, etc. over the data plan, certainly that plan would make the most sense for most people? Heck, my month reset in 5 days, and so far this month I've used...7 minutes.

It's only 5GB (not that I care, 2GB is good with me if it's reasonable pricing). And this gives us choice. My mom has a smartphone on my plan, but she barely uses data. But she'll talk quite a bit. And using Skype or GrooveIP is not an option. She's not technically savy and running around issues is not something I want her to deal with.

The $35 plan here would be perfect. I don't think anyone else has anything like this, so please correct me if I'm wrong here.

Yes they do. In fact that's the plan I'm on, and I do most of my voice calling using Talkatone + GoogleVoice. But it's not a perfect solution and it's an extra set of inconvenient steps. If I used voice on my phone a lot more, the $45 plan would be a tempting upgrade.

I've also heard a rumor that these GoSmart plans allow CCF. Which would improve GV integration. Currently I have voicemail turned off on my T-Mobile #, and only give my GV # out to people.

this plan is going to give stright talk run for their money only if they can give good quality service, fine its prepaid and its cheap thus it will attrac customers but customers loyalty can only be won if service is good

as we all know t-mobile is not known for its service although its not that bad i hope with gosmart they'll not let their service down