In a pair of unreleased memos seen in the usual spy-shot fashion, Sprint and T-Mobile both have, at least internally, discussed the Carrier IQ saga with their employees. 

The memos discuss the use of Carrier IQ as you'd expect -- as a metrics tool for improving network and device service, and both reiterate that Carrier IQ isn't being used to spy on text messages, phone calls and the like, backing up responses that Carrier IQ recently gave The Verge in an interview.

To wit:

T-Mobile: "T-Mobile does not use the tool to obtain the content of text, email or voice messages, or the specific destinations of customers' Internet activity. It is not used for marketing purposes. T-Mobile uses the Carrier IQ diagnostic tool to gather device data for effective troubleshooting and to increse the overall device and network performance for our customers.

Sprint: "Sprint uses the Carrier IQ data to only understand device performance on our network so we can identify when issues are occuring. ... Even with Carrier IQ, Sprint does not and cannot look at or record contents of messages, photos, videos, etc., nor do we sell or provide a direct feed of Carrier IQ data to anyone outside Sprint.

T-Mobile also details which of its current phones have Carrier IQ installed. You'll want to read the entire memos, which you can find at the source links below. 

Source: TMoNews, SprintFeed; More: The Verge


Reader comments

T-Mobile, Sprint, in internal documents, open up about their Carrier IQ use


If all they want is our data speed, signal strength, and network stats, why do they need our passwords and copies of our texts and emails?

They wouldn't.

Download the Voodoo CarrierIQ Detector from the Android Market.

If you are infected...
Call you carrier and tell them that you are infected with CarrierIQ and demand that they remove it.

hi, I would like to know more about Voodoo carrierIq, how does it work? I have a blackberry does that app work on it?

How can i check on my mobile if i have carrier IQ?

let me know

If sprint does it to identify network issues and to improve performance, then why the H&%$ is sprint's network so freaking slow.

I'm rooted and I followed instructions to disable the issue associated with the recent HTC privacy concern. Is that the same as CarrierIQ or is this something different? I might go explore the Voodoo CarrierIQ Detector...

I call B. S. on the Sprint statement. The video plainly shows they have access to the data, therefore they "could" record the contents. Whether they do or not, is a different story.

But really I have a different question. They all say they do it "for diagnostic and troubleshooting", could you please tell us how you do that? Why do you need to have access to every single keystroke to do this? I've never called in a problem and had Sprint say "oh, here's the problem, you entered your bank PIN incorrectly, it's supposed to be 5346."

Come on man!!

doesnt matter if they access the data now or not, the problem is that they COULD and they didnt ask permission. Period. Its a violation of privacy. It doesnt really matter what they use the info for, the fact is they gathered it without my knowledge or consent and that is just wrong.