If you're looking to pilfer parts and pieces from T-Mobile's newly available Sidekick 4G, you're in luck.

The full system dump is up as well as ringtones and wallpapers separately, for those who don't have any interest in scouring through the dump just to find something they can use.

So if you love to tinker (or know someone who does), head on over to the forums, download, and enjoy! [Android Central forums -- system dump; wallpapers; ringtones]


Reader comments

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G system dump, wallpapers, ringtones available


only thing i want from the system clock is the "word clock" i think that would look snazzy on my vibrant. :)

anyone good enough to find it? :)

I installed the spell clock apk file onto my sd card and tried to install it through astro file manager,but i get a message saying "not installed" is there a way to get the file to install?