Google And Blog is reporting that T-Mobile G1 users are slowly receiving surveys regarding their G1 experience that ask specific questions regarding their satisfaction level with the device. A main focus of the survey deals with the subpar battery on the G1, so maybe T-Mobile is taking in data to see if the reported battery replacement program is necessary. Other issues touched on in the survey are Flash and Exchange support.

Seeing T-Mobile semi-acknowledge the weaknesses of the G1 and Android platform is definitely a good start. Seeing results would be even better. Did any of you guys receive the T-Mobile G1 survey?

[Google And Blog]


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T-Mobile Sending G1 Owners A Survey, Precursor to Battery Replacements?


I have not received a survey - only crapola customer service as usual from T-Mobile when I point out the issues and concerns I have with my very expensive G1.

I took that survey over a month ago, maybe even more, about the G1 with those exact questions. (They emailed asking if I wanted to participate.) They even paid $20 for it. They should have saved their money and just sent out some better batteries a month+ ago.

problems with the Android platform? The only problem I have is with the woeful battery life, nothing else

i took the survey over the phone. They also sen me a new battery when i complained about it. I'm not sure if it is the 1400 battery because ups always gets to my building last.