Sigh. This cat and mouse game between reports on when the Android Cupcake update is coming out and what T-Mobile is "officially" saying just doesn't seem to stop. Just when we thought we were going to get Cupcake and all of its goodiness in April, a T-Mobile spokesman said it was merely an unconfirmed rumor and that there are no plans for an update "as far as I know".

Huh. Back to square one. When will we ever get to use you Cupcake!?

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T-Mobile Says Cupcake's Release in April Is Just A Rumor


If you're tired of playing the waiting game with T-Mobile and Cupcake, head on over to the Market (or ) and check out "Open Home - Cupecake". In addition to the on-screen keyboard (which by the way, will send you to the search widget regardless of which of the 7 - count 'em, seven - screens it's on. If you don't have the search widget, after you type a letter, it will open your contacts list and display EVERY contact whose first OR last name starts with that letter) it also supports auto-rotate w/o opening the keyboard.

After you install Open Home, look for the Open Home themes. I'm using FadeToBlue with the built-in Android snow capped mountain background.

Very cool.

Two more things: 1) You'll see the 4 standard Android icons in the Application Dock. Drop your most used icons onto this and watch them scroll past until you get see the one you want to open. 2) Check out the video here ( ) The instructions when you download the app are pretty lame but the video shows you how to work it.

Take THAT iPhone & WinMo! :-)