The guys at Androidandme have gotten reports that show that T-Mobile is rolling out their 7.2 Mbps HSPA network in Chicago, IL and New York, NY. Currently, T-Mobile's 3G Network is limited to 1.8 Mbps, so the jump to 7.2 Mbps would be huge for the fourth place carrier. There hasn't been an official rollout planned, and if it's going to be like T-Mobile's regular 3G rollout, you'll only know you have it, when you have it.

Feel free to check to see your T-Mobile 3G speeds!

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Jim says:

Hey, T-Mobile, How about rolling out 3G first to the areas still stuck in EDGE?

CCS says:

How can we utilize Doesn't that site require Flash?

MorphWVUtuba says:

You could tether a laptop & check from that to see it. Otherwise, there's the Xtremelabs Speedtest client available from the Market.