Business accounts with 6 or more lines receive special pricing

Building on its crusade as the "UNcarrier", T-Mobile is expanding its plan restructuring to its small and medium business offerings as well. There are now just two basic tiers for business — Simple Choice Classic and Simple Choice for Business. The former is a more typical plan, where each employee will receive a subsidized device and the business will be under a service contract, with prices ranging from $40 per line for unlimited talk, text and 500MB of data up to $70 for unlimited data (with 2.5GB of tethering).

The Simple Choice for Business plans are of the newer no-contract style, and range from just $20 per line for 500MB of data up to $50 for unlimited data. Each line will then have access to T-Mobile's financing deals for purchasing devices, with a down payment for each device and monthly installments to pay it off. For small businesses (less than 6 people), T-Mobile is simply offering plans of the same structure as its family plans, with charges starting at $50 for the first line, down to $10 for the 3rd, 4th and 5th lines on the account.

T-Mobile hasn't historically had a strong foothold in the business world, and is looking to appeal to the accounting department with their lower overall prices and plan choices. The UNcarrier will certainly take any customer gains it can get at this point, business or otherwise.

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T-Mobile restructures business plans, offers contract-free options


the small business plan is completely pointless from a consumer standpoint, except that it allows you to get into that plan and use it as a business expense.

at any rate, i switched from sprint to tmo a week ago, and i couldn't be happier.

Only small business plan users are able to add month-by-month international data roaming to their account. I signed up as a small business customers strictly for this capability.

I've certainly noticed a SB push recently. I called a couple of stores recently, and I was greeted with "would you like to hear about our small business plans?" for both stores.

I really thought T-Mo had been offering plans like this forever. I've had them since October 2011 (nearly 2 years!), and pay $35 for 'Small Business Value Unlimited Talk and Text,' which is what it sounds, then $10 for 'Small Business Unlimited Data Promo,' (according to my bill) which gives me 5GB high speed data, and 'unlimited' data too slow to worry about.

When I signed up for the plan, I was told that you had to buy a full price, unlocked device (or BYO), but a sales rep was somehow able to get me a subsidized Galaxy SII (which I was able to get them to unlock for me when I traveled abroad).

These plans seem... worse, and now I'm hoping I'm not hit with a price bump soon!

Well the new Moto X be offered as one of the phone choices for the Simple Choice Classic plan for Business?

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