T-Mobile may be testing its LTE network in several additional cities above the two that it has already announced are complete. According to data collected by OpenSignal, which makes diagnostic software that many engineers use to test networks, there is some LTE network activity on T-Mobile in at least 9 different cities in the U.S. On top of the previously announced Las Vegas and Kansas City, the network is available in some capacity in New York, New Orleans, Denver, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco and naturally Bellevue, WA where the company is headquartered.

OpenSignal has posted some preliminary speeds that they're seeing, which fall in line with what we've seen before. It's hard to take those as any indication of the speeds when the network officially launches, however. T-Mobile is set to unveil something at an event in New York City on March 26th, so we may be hearing a whole lot more about their LTE plans next week.

Source: OpenSignal


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T-Mobile reportedly testing LTE network in 9 cities across the US


Got the LTE update for my Note 2 yesterday here in South FL, but it doesn't seem like the network is live yet. Getting the same speeds as before with HSPA.

Network won't be live for regular customer use until they make an official announcement. Can't say that we've heard anything about south FL being on the launch list, but you never know until they say for sure.

Tmobile LTE has been tested here in New York City for over 2 weeks now. If not at launch LTE will be available in New York City real soon. That 4.1.2 update for the Galaxy Note 2 on tmobile definitely was a great change for the device from a performance standpoint.

This coming from the idiot who "knew" T-Mobile would have LTE in NYC by the 26th. Also, if you think 2, 3, or even 5 weeks is enough time for a company to "test" a network, you have no clue.

Sweet. If they include the Northshore as part of New Orleans, then my area will soon be covered with LTE by all four major networks.

I was just thinking that my connection has been kind of wonky lately on my S2 Skyrocket (w/ T-Mobile radio) in SF. I wonder if this has something to do w/ it?

No man, it was a joke about Sprint lighting up all of Kansas with their LTE, and then a number of small cities before any major cities...

Wow! T-Mobile gets LTE up and running before Sprint (in San Diego)?! I was a loyal Sprint customer for 15 years, and the other 3 big networks all have some form of LTE up and running here. Couple that with the fact that WiMax never came here either and as much as it hurt me let go of unlimited data, I glad I left. It seems like Sprint will never get their act together. Congrats to T-Mobile! It looks like they are really taking their build out seriously by hitting bigger cities instead of just dropping in towers in low populace areas.

I am not going to pay (waste an upgrade) for Sprint's new HTC One

Excerpt from link at bottom of this post.

"But let us address right away another potential first that has become the so called elephant in the room. The Sprint version of the HTC One is limited to band 25 LTE 1900. It does not support either of Sprint's upcoming LTE bands -- band 26 LTE 800 and band 41 TD-LTE 2600. One or both of those bands are expected to be incorporated in new handsets sometime this year, but the HTC One will not be the first."