If you're on T-Mobile using a Galaxy S5 and wondering where the update is that we previously told you about, you're going to have to wait a little bit longer. The update (G900TUVU1ANE5) was meant to be an improvement for intermittent failures for text messages and MMS messages but it appears to of have caused more issues than it resolved.

Folks who did manage to get the update downloaded via OTA or through Kies have reported a drastic slow down in download speeds along with reported decreased LTE coverage. At this point, the issue isn't affecting everyone but it's affecting enough people that T-Mobile saw fit to pause the update until it can be further addressed.

Hopefully it won't take too long to get it all sorted out and we'll see another update soon. Did you manage to get the update? If so, how's it working for you? Let us know in the comments how it all went for you.

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T-Mobile puts Galaxy S5 update on hold due to bug causing slow download speeds


I'm guessing it has to do with the update assigning the data radio for radio usage to improve MMS, but simultaneously interfering with downloads due to erroneous coding.

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Having worked for a major carrier (let's call them BS&S), in a department that was allowed to say the truth, I can assure you that NO company has the best coverage everywhere. If they tell you that they do, then they are lying to you. Every company has coverage holes. EVERY ONE! For every story I heard about one company being great in an area, I'd hear the exact opposite story close by from someone with the same carrier.

That said, I get excellent coverage in podunk NE Ohio from T-Mobile. No Contract. Low monthly bill. Outrageous DL/UL speeds on 4G LTE. Paid cash for my Note 3 and it is now unlocked. I could not be happier!

Enjoy your higher priced contracted service.

When I was in new Waterford, Ohio near border of Pa.. Had no service. It's a small village.. And the village next to us had no service for any company and I mean no calls/texts. They call it the dead zone (negly, oh)

F Me! I just got done exchanging the GS5 I picked up on Wednesday for this exact problem. Everything was great until D/L speeds inexplicably dropped last night down to 1.5 MPBS down or less on LTE. Swapped the SIM card into my GS4, and then swapped my wife's Note 2 SIM into the GS5. No dice. The problem was isolated to the GS5 and back she went. Grrrrr... I'm now busy setting up another new phone, putting on another screen protector, etc. for no reason! First world problems ... I know....

At least they didn't do like Verizon did with the S3 and let everyone download it while saying they have no reports of any issues for a month and a half...

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I've avoided buying a Samsung since the vibrant (galaxy s) and have never been sorry. They released millions of those phones with known physically bad gps antenna

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The s5 is a mess of a phone especially on sprint. Nothing but issues connecting to network. Terrible design and performance. So glad I returned mine within the 14 day window

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The S5 falls short in so many aspects. It's repugnant. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the reception being better than on my S4. That being said, it wasn't a good enough trade-off for having no root...

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I've had my Tmobile S5 since it came out. I haven't had any MMS/SMS problems at all. Download speeds are off the charts especially with wifi on and download booster enabled. You really notice when streaming video. No more waiting for buffering. Upload is good a little better than my s4

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Can confirm. Installed the update and it absolutely killed my download speeds. Hope they have a fix soon.

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I downloaded the update saturday night thru Kies while uploading pics. Since the update I now get fatal closes while closing or opening tabs on the internet. TMO CS told me it was due to the update and to wait for a patch or use Chrome.

Didn't download the update and my mobile speed has drastically slowed down since yesterday. I don't know what tmobile is doing but they need to fix, fast.
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