T-Mobile SIM Cards

Now's your chance to get a new or backup T-Mobile SIM for nothing

T-Mobile's prepaid SIM card activation kits, the gateway to starting new service on the carrier, are currently free along with free shipping from its online store. Historically the price of the SIMs have fluctuated in price pretty randomly, but for several months now you had to shell out $9.99 for a single SIM. That's not much to pay to start your service and get a little over $3 in account credit, but free is always better.

If you're in need of a new T-Mobile SIM — standard, micro or nano — for a prepaid line or just want to have a few backups laying around, head over to T-Mobile's online store and load up your cart. You'll be required to use a credit card to check out, but rest assured that the balance is $0.00 when you're all done.

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T-Mobile prepaid SIM cards currently free with free shipping


I was wondering why Android Central hasn't posted about this yet.

T-Mobile is preparing for the Nexus 5. :D

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No, it is definitely microSim based on the manual, and GSM Arena is wrong.

T-Mobile do not sell nanoSim activation kit. They sell nanoSim starter kit, which do not have an activation number needed create a prepaid account.

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Three type of Sim cards are offered, according to device compatibility you can book as per your device. Normal SIM CARD, Micro sim, and Nano sim.

I ordered 2 micro-SIMs on one order yesterday. Just selected 2 from the drop-down. Worst problem was they were getting slammed and it took a dozen tries over a couple of hours to get the order to complete.

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I was getting that for a couple hours yesterday. Apparently T-Mobile is using the same tech as the Obamacare site. @_@

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Yup. I can't check out.

they may not have suspended the offer. it might be a server thing. I'm going to check back later.

I was able to get 2 micro and 2 standard with separate orders. But now when I try to get the 2 nano it tells me I can't order online at this time.

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damn my credit card is on its way. Why the hell do they need credit card when they're going to charge nothing?

How does this work if I have t-mobile prepaid right now? I have a galaxy nexus with a full sized SIM card, and want to get a micro SIM for the nexus 5.

Can I just add the micro SIM to my current account, or will I have to basically start a new plan with the new micro SIM?

Considering T-Mobile doesn't yet sell the Nexus 7, why would it be? You can't honestly expect T-Mobile to list every device that's compatible with their network that they don't sell.

We know the Nexus 7 LTE is compatible with T-Mobile, who cares what the T-Mo site says.

Got a Micro and Nano ordered for $0.00. Took a while to get it done because I kept getting errors but it finally went through.
Now I just need a inexpensive phone so I can test their network in my area.

I just ordered 2 Micros at a time for free... Deal isn't over. And as far as I can tell, the only limitation is a maximum of 2 items.

That link I posted got cut short so it didn't work and I'm not allowed to edit the post, but you can try searching for "T-Mobile activation kit" on Google.

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I was refreshing the page I was on. I'm not sure what was up with all that, but I finally got through. I thought maybe they had such huge response, they decided to charge a cool $1.06 with tax. ;)

I JUST got through, and it was $0.00 total for 1 Micro SIM and 1 Nano SIM (figured I'd just cover all my bases!)

I have no idea why I'm trying to order these right now since I'm on a CDMA carrier, but it is free, so why not? Payment processor is still down though.

Same here. Ordered the activation kits (2 micro and 2 nano)by phone. Still free with free shipping. They just put a dollar hold on your credit card. Order number just came in through email so all I have to do is wait.

If you order by phone you may have to make 2 orders because TMobile usually only send out 2 sims at a time. My rep told me I would usually have to call in twice but he was able to do all 4 for me.

all the networks in the UK been giving free PYG sims for ages now nice to see the US is joining the bandwagon

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I don't understand how you guys are getting through I keep redoing everything and get the same errors each time.

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Not sure why so many people are getting errors. Mine went through fine the first time luckily.

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So I have a question, if I were to get one now would I be able to activate it at a later time?

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Hoping a TMo expert can chime in. I'm an ATT customer but snagged one of these as I'm considering a switch to TMo. My hope was to use it to check TMo coverage before actually signing up for TMo.

It arrived today, and I popped it into my unlocked phone. However, it just sits on 'Searching...' and says that Activation is required.

It looks like there is a $2/day plan I could sign up for, and then cancel. But I'd rather not bother.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do what I'm attempting to do, but without activating service?