Nexus 4

We're not really recommending that you agree to a two-year contract with an operator for a Nexus 4. But if you just have to have one, and if you just have to have one for about one-fourth the cost of the base 8GB model, T-Mobile still has them on sale over the weekend for $49. That's with a new two-year agreement, it's available online only through Monday.

Source: T-Mobile; Thanks, Aric!


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T-Mobile still offering the Nexus 4 on contract for just $49, sale ends Monday


OMG 'glitterless' Nexus 4!!!!!11

If you're going to sign a contract and T-Mobile works for you there are worse options out there even with the relatively low full-retail price. (this coming from someone that took a GNex on a 2 year indentured servitude bloodletting agreement for -$50 and I'm happy as a clam)

If you go w/ a T-Mo Value Plan, signing a contract is not too bad if you're okay w/ T-Mo in your area.

Maybe I missed something when I shopped around, but my family plan is $90 for 3 lines ($30/person) w/ unlimited text and 2GB for each line sharing 1,000 anytime minutes w/ unlimited nights/wknds and mobile2mobile.

That's seems like more bang for the buck than any plan out there as long as you don't plan to watch gobs of videos. Straight Talk is $45/mo, 2GB soft limit. T-Mo/Walmart $30 plan only 100 minutes anytime.. no unlimited nights/wknds. Virgin: $35/mo.. only 300 anytime minutes, no night/wknd.

i have a G-Nex on Sprint and my contract is up in April 2014 so i have a while yet. but my plan is to get the "next" Nexus or X phone from the Play Store for $350ish and then head over to Straight Talk with an AT&T micro SIM. $45/month Unlimited Everything with no contract and SIM card freedom sounds sweet! i don't go over 2GB/month data anyway.

Yeah, I agree with the author. Signing a contract for a Nexus 4 doesn't make sense. Off contract, its only $299.00. Its worth spending a bit extra and then not extending what another reader called "bloodletting" for another two years.

Isn't the nexus 4 $349 for the 16gb version? So let's see $99 with $50 rebate so $49 then in a month cancel contract $200. So let's see in the end maybe what $300. Wouldn't that save you $49 from Google and you get phone in 2 days instead of 2weeks. Winner winner chicken dinner as I see it.

That's why I made it $300 that include the first month. And you can get cheaper plan. Still better deal

Um your math is off. It would $330 plus taxes. Plus with the play store I ordered on Tuesday and had my phones three days later and Friday. So if anything you get the phone the same day, pay $379 for the phone, etf, and one month service, then wait many weeks to get the rebate. Doesn't sound any better in my mind than buying it off the play store.

Seems like a great option if you know you're going to be with T-Mobile and you want to spend little out of pocket.

I'm already on contract with T-Mobile and I've already bought my Nexus 4 through Google. I'm happy with T-Mobile's service and, once my contract is up in June, I'm going to renew it and hopefully get a Galaxy Note 2 or something similar on sale for close to cheap. On the family plan I'm on, I'm paying about what I'd pay for an individual no contract plan for them so I might as well. I have no reason to switch from their service.