T-Mobile merger with Sprint looks more likely as Softbank and Deutsche Telekom agree on sale

Softbank is making an end-run around concerns about a merger of Sprint and T-Mobile US by instead hitting up T-Mobile's parent company Deutsche Telekom. As reported by Japanese news agency Kyodo, Japan-based Softbank has entered into an agreement with Germany-based Deutsche Telekom to buy the latter's ownership stake in US carrier T-Mobile. The US Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice have expressed their concerns about the potential for such consolidation in the US cellular market, and the move by Softbank would likely end up still being heavily scrutinized.

The end result (a Sprint/T-Mobile merger) would likely still be the same, though this move might bring the two companies as separate entities under the same umbrella corporation first. Softbank bought Sprint last year for $21.6 billion, and they've been vocal about their desire to also buy T-Mobile. Sprint, too, has been pursuing T-Mobile, though it's more likely that Softbank's even deeper pockets would be better suited to such an acquisition.

We don't have any indication right now of how much the deal may end up costing Softbank (estimates range up to $50 billion), though T-Deutsche Telekom's 67% stake in T-Mobile US. When AT&T attempted to buy T-Mobile and was shot down in 2011, the purchase prices was set at a whopping $39 billion. T-Mobile of 2011 was a radically different company than T-Mobile of today. A good portion of T-Mobile's success today actually comes thanks to the failure of that acquisition, which garnered T-Mobile a multi-billion-dollar break-up fee from AT&T, as well as the spectrum needed to enhance their network.

Deutsche Telekom has expressed interest in the past in unloading their share of T-Mobile US, much like last year's massive sale of Vodafone's stake in Verizon Wireless to Verizon. With Deutsche Telekom wanting out of the US, and Softbank wanting to expand rapidly in the US, it seems all but inevitable that T-Mobile will trade hands. But will such a sale and merger be good for US consumers, and what will happen to the Uncarrier in the process?

Source: Kyodo; Via: Reuters


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T-Mobile merger with Sprint looks more likely as Softbank and Deutsche Telekom agree on sale



yup! I freaking love tmo. Sprint sucks balls. End of story. well, i will see how this all shakes out, but i have a feeling i wont be with tmo too much longer... now which devil to dance with is the question. ugh...

Yeah, this would really suck and I hope that the US regulators understand how bad this will end up for consumers when there is finally a little competition in the market.

TMobile getting bigger and stronger will be good for consumers. Legere will become CEO according to past reports.

This would be the only acceptable way of doing it. If Legere and his team don't run things, we are screwed.

It seems you replied to the wrong post. I made no mention of the commercials. I don't watch TV so I haven't even seen them.

Having three carriers of roughly the same size will do more for competition than what we have now. As it stands now, Verizon and AT&T have an effective duopoly, due to the third and fourth carriers being significantly smaller in size. Neither of them alone are able to be as influential in the marketplace as the first two. You can only have effective competition when the competitors are roughly similar in size and power. That's not to say a smaller competitor can't "make it", just that they don't really give the big guys a run for their money.

We have 3 major carriers in Canada...they all basically have the same plans and pricing. They change their prices up/down in lock step (within about a week of each other). Trust me, you do not want 3 major carriers...

It is better than the two we have now... The gap between 1 & 2 and 3&4 is huge

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Why is it ony the Sprint customers want this Merger?? Must be those super fast data speeds and strong coverage. T-Mobile customers are very happy without this Merger, Why is this?

I work for Tmo and worked for sprint for 5 years had sprint for a long time I also was a tech. This would be a good idea. People are not looking at the big picture. Besides Softbank invest lots of money to sprint and they upgraded lots of their towers.

I live in the country and I get LTE with about 15 down that's pretty good to me. If anything merging with Sprint will make a better experience for you T-Mobile customers.

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It's possible that the merger just produces a company that falls in rank-and-file with AT&T and Verizon. If this is the case, then we aren't particularly much worse off than we are today.

That said, 3 carriers able to compete effectively on the same level is better than 2 carriers able to compete on the same level. 4 would be even better still. At their current standings though, both T-mo and sprint are unable to exert any strong market pressures on the top 2. One merged company will effectively be able to, assuming they decide to pursue that route, which I'm hopeful for, especially if Legere gets put in charge.

Technically, better than a merger of the lower 2, we would probably be better served by a break up of the top two. If AT&T and verizon were split up about in half they would be about the same size as sprint and t-mo. That would leave us 6 carriers all able to compete equally, and this would be phenomenal. I don't see that happening anytime soon, though.

T-Mobile Sprint merger company would get an invite to a backdoor cigar room. To the exclusive club of AT&T and Verizon, where they can now, three of them, fix the price of American cell phone market.

I was opposed to this merger until I started reading more about Masayoshi Son and his plans. He also makes a great point that either T-Mobile or Sprint will have to eliminate the other before really being in a position to compete on any level with Verizon or AT&T. I only hope that if the T-Mobile and Sprint do merge Dan Hesse is out and John Legere is in. I would also like to see them use GSM and CDMA.

If Legere takes over after the merger, then it would certainly be good for consumers. Hopefully the reports are right. TMobile as it is can make some waves, but they are still not really big enough to compete with Verizon and AT&T.

Worth noting that it's explicitly called out as market speculation about Legere leading. Son just said that he admires Legere.

That said, Legere being put at the head is probably one of the best outcomes from this scenario. Putting him in charge of a corporate entity suddenly able to compete on level terms with AT&T and Verizon means he can do much more to shake up the wireless market than he can currently do with just t-mo.

No if you read that article, it is market speculation that he would. All it says is the Son admires him, not that he would take over. I admire him too but that means nothing.

I do not care who runs it, but let's not get ahead of ourselves

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Of course it is only speculation, but Son mentioning Legere in that way is kind of telling. With all the success that TMobile has had, I would be surprised if Legere isn't awarded for it.

Tmo gained customers, but as I said before, it was all to pretty up the numbers to make it more attractive for a sale. The cost to aquire those customers was WAY to high.

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From Reuters article:


"Deutsche Telekom may also be more accommodating with Softbank regarding a break-up fee than it was with AT&T, the sources said. That is because T-Mobile is likely to be the surviving brand and its CEO, John Legere, is likely to lead the new combined company, thus avoiding a loss of subscribers and momentum it had to contend with during the drawn out regulatory process with AT&T, two of the sources said."

I do not think the brand will survive and honestly do not care who runs it.

It would be in both sprint and tmo's best interests to rebrand

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@cordawgfrito You mean it won't be bad for Sprint consumers. We T-Mobile folk will get hindered by that big yellow waste of mismanagement. There is zero brightness in this for T-Mobile. ZERO!

I do not think you know what happens when a merger happens. It is called corporate restructuring. Look it up

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Yup, this.

"T-Mobile merged with Sprint" does NOT mean "T-mobile now equals sprint". A merger between two companies is going to shake up BOTH companies, both in management structure and corporate goals.

The increase in both size and capital among both the companies is likely to be a good thing, since the final merged company will be able to compete with the current top dogs (verizion and AT&T). Provided the merger is handled properly, it's likely to benefit both sprint and t-mo customers.

Granted, this is all way down the line stuff. We wouldn't see any particular changes for years.

Really? I left Sprint to go to VZW for 10 years because Sprint sucked so badly. Then I left VZW to go to T-Mo. If T-Mo gets sucked into Sprint, say goodbye to some of the best and most innovative plans among the carriers. I would even consider going to AT&T (gag) rather than be part of Sprint.

Chances are if this happens, we will see the end of the Sprint CDMA network. With LTE, it makes much more sense to move everyone to GSM and refarm the CDMA spectrum for use as LTE. So, this really could be be beneficial for subscribers of both companies, assuming the right management is put in place. John Legere needs to be in charge.

Yeah, Legere being put in charge of a company on-par with AT&T and verizon could potentially be really great.

What exactly is your job?

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this will be Softbank buying majority share of T-Mobile, not Sprint. Softbank owns a majority share in Sprint, but they aren't Sprint. Wouldn't Sprint have as much influence over TMobile as Kraft Mac and Cheese does over the New England Patriots?

kinda... except look at sprint since the buyout... not getting better. i dunno. I still say this will ultimately be bad.

What facts Spark they have so much spectrum Son as plenty of finances to back up any improvement he wants. Instead of spending $60 billion on T-mobile he should spend it on sprints network and putting that clearwire spectrum to use

~My $0.02~

The clearwire spectrum won't be enough to save them. Both companies need spectrum and if done properly with the proper management, it could really benefit both sets of subscribers. If this happens, it almost certainly spells the end of the CDMA network for Sprint. CDMA spectrum that could then be refarmed into even stronger LTE coverage.

But then wouldn't that be a conflict of interest for Softbank? if they own majority shares in two competing companies can they actually compete?

Fair point. It would seem then that maybe one of the two would have to be cannibalized for the other. Yeah, this could be good, it could be bad. There hasn't been enough time yet to see what Softbank can do with Sprint. If this current deal goes through, probably won't see any ramifications from it for another two years.
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It would be better if SoftBank, as the parent company, implemented both networks as a joint venture towards SoftBank US, with full network sharing agreements. With the combined scale of SoftBank, Sprint, and T-Mobile this would drive down operations costs of all three companies in the US.

It would be like EE in the UK.

Why would softball compete against themselves and carry two sets of employees? They will merge the two companies into one

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True, but my point was that Softbank is driving this boat, not Sprint. I highly doubt Softbank will allow a merged company to run like Sprint does currently if they want to be profitable.

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That is one of the selling points for softbank, to be able to restructure the entire thing the way they want.

Softbank, and this is an entirely true statement, has a 300 year plan. They bought Sprint knowing that they were far from done, and could take the short term losses until they could make a larger more meaningful impact, such as this merger would provide

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True. Just thinking people shouldn't see this solely as a big bad Sprint thing.

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Correct, if this goes through both the tmo and sprint we know now will cease to exist.

Long live Sprint Mobile

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Perhaps Softbank will maintain both brands and share networks. Network sharing will likely enhance T-mobile coverage.

A business authority among his other self agrandizing credentials.

He's a multitalented genius.

We're so blessed to have the opportunity to learn all we can from him.

As you should be Dumbo, You can add your apology down below. You are usually wrong and I find it funny that you deflect your ashattery onto me. Oh well..

Screw Sprint Mobile. Sprint has more consumer dissatisfaction then they do positive satisfaction. It doesn't matter how many people have good service from Sprint. What they need to evaluate is how many people are complaining about Sprint service. They still have a poor LTE footprint. Even if Sprint were to magically expnad LTE everywhere, you still have the other carriers already looking at implementing their next generation of LTE. So Yea, if this merger were to happen, they better follow T-Mobiles lead, not Sprints. T-Mobile has a lot more momentum then Sprint has had in years.

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

Neither company will exist as they do now so neither track record can accurately be used right this second

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I didn't say brand the "new" company as T-Mobile. I said follow the lead the T-Mobile. Big difference.

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

I didn't either, I say rebrand them both and keep the best parts of both

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wrong Kraft, the Patriot's owners are of the Kraft box company. I thought it was the same for the first 5 years they owned the Pats.

Really? Softabank is only saying they will be two separate companies to try and get the deal pushed through. WHAT! A corporation would try and deceive the public and government to get their way...say it isn't so. If Softbank gets their way all bets are off, Sprint will start running the show after the dust settles and THEN everything will fall apart.


I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

From a different article, it's being said that T-Mobile's CEO will run the combined new company and they think it would still carry the T-Mobile name. Seeing the bad press from the Nextel hostile takeover and how poor Sprint is doing in general, it's unlikely that Softbank will let anyone from Sprint run the new company.

Well if this happens, at least more peeps will be getting some LTE, including me! I just hope they don't go by Sprint, they go by T-Mobile.

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"The US Federal Communications Commission ... have expressed their concerns about the potential for such consolidation in the US cellular market" Really? And they are just letting Comcast and Timewarner merge without batting an eye. hmm.

I'm with you, I wish sprint would stay out of it, but the news of comcast maybe putting in a bid is so much worse.

I think the rationale for that is that cable company mergers don't reduce competition, since our regulations don't actually set them up as competitors in any given market. If a given consumer only has one cable provider available in the first place, then Comcast merging with Time Warner doesn't affect his or her ability to choose a provider one way or the other.

Of course, the *actual* reason that this shit is allowed is that telecom companies lobby so hard that they make gun and tobacco companies look like amateurs.

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I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

So now our only choice will be AT&T or Verizon? Because Sprint sucks and they will mess up Tmo too. Ugh.

You don't know what you are talking about. And it's not Sprint. It's Softbank. Just look at what Softbank has done for the wireless industry.

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They sure have. NV 1.0 rollout has significantly picked up pace, and 2.0 is just starting. LTE everywhere I've been with it, and even the 3G speeds have improved back to where it should be. With the throttling of the network abusers starting on 6/1 it'll only make the new network improvements that much more evident.

not compared to what tmo has been doing. I was on sprint... i am not talking out of my ass. I FN hated them. Service, customer service, everything.

I get to use Sprint, tmo and Verizon regularly. In the areas I travel, tmo is far and away the worst of the three. Where I live, it has shown - 0- improvement in 5+ years where sprint has grown by leaps and bounds. Verizon has degraded a bit, but that is everywhere.

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I hate when people say that "they've had" sprint. That's past tense. Sprint is no longer the same.

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There's a reason why they say that.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I "had" Sprint... all of approx 25 days ago. They still suck. Big time. In Colorado they are a nightmare. Sprint is better in other places, but in CO it's just sad. At home I got no service, so they gave me an Airave, that was ok, but didn't cover my house well, at work I got 0.128Mbps. Decided to give TMo a whirl and wow, 4G LTE at my house @ 12Mbps. At work, oh wow 43Mbps... so long Sprint.

BTW, I was with Sprint 7 years and in the past 3-4 it's been a sad decline in my experience.

Sprint was great in AZ when I visited there, but I don't live there. Sprint sucks where I live and work, so to me they suck. :)

WTF has Softbank done for the wireless industry? I see Sprint still bleeding money and nothing getting better. You must be a Sprint customer. Softbank=Sprint=Softbank. Only a stooge would think otherwise. That's like saying DT isn't T-Mobile.

What has Softbank done for the industry? Look at their history. And Softbank has made dramatic improvements woth Sprint. That's just a fact. You are just a biased fool who doesn't do their research before commenting.

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Have to agree as well. While Sprint still has a lot of work to do, they have gotten much better with their data speeds. At least here in the Chicago area.

As for their call quality, I haven't had any issues.

They investment with new towers. Their marketing was insane last year in Chicago there public transportaion busses that were all hello and had sprint all over them. We had a billboard that screamed sprint right next to our store. I mean they are still unlimited data... I mean believe me its gonna be good.

As much as we are all worried what will happen if Tmo is bought by Sprint. We are all looking at this as Sprint will muck this up even bigger than Nextel. By all rights we should be concerned. That said from the article in Reuters, it mentioned that first DT may still hold a 15% stake in the new company. Also the management team including Legerre would be taking over and directing the new company. If that happens then i'm cool with it. Son is aggressive, but he is far from stupid. I think that's more the reason why he wants Tmo. He knows how bad Sprint is right now and needs that new talent.

This is nothing like the nextel merger. Its being done by totally different people. The highschool student that runs T-Mobile will probably be the one in charge so all the T-Mobile honks can settle down. Merging two networks with tons of spectrum is a good thing.

**Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!**

How much is it going to cost and what effects will it have on the consumer base while all the Sprint tech or converted to T-Mobile tech? Sprint and T-Mobile don't have compatible networks.

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They'll run them as separate companies for now, then eventually merge people on to one side

**Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!**

Fucken sprint. Don't they understand that no one wants them to interfere with shit?!
T-mobile is the only one trying to change things for the better.

It's Softbank. And it won't be Sprint. It will be a new company with T-Mobile's management at the head.

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Keep telling yourself that. The only people rooting for this bullshit merger is people on Sprint or people on T-Mobile who live in the boonies with bad reception.

I feel as if we don't have the merger it'll be great! I want it and all but if we don't have it that's more money for the "new" sprint to improve their network and I'm all for it .

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At $350 per ETF, T-mobile will be out of money and out of spectrum before they make any more meaningful changes. Uncarrier 5.0 will likely accelerate the spending.

All T-mobile is doing is trying to make themselves look more attractive for another company to buy and inherit their problems by boosting their subscriber count.

I honestly hope this does NOT happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know right. I thought most tmobile phones were different in some sort of way especially compared to Sprint's.

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Tmobile is GSM, Sprint is CDMA. But LTE is a GSM technology, so once all of T-Mobile's and Sprint's towers are LTE upgraded and they switch over to Voice over LTE (like verizon is already starting to do) then there are very few compatability hurdles except for hardware with the correct radio bands.
Even if they remain separate US companies under a majority control of Softbank the shared bandwidth and network footprint increase could be very beneficial for consumers. I agree we won't know for sure for some time, but Son is intelligent and could make this great for his company and American consumers.

Right because sprint is going to turn tmo off and shut everything down.

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Here's the sequence of events:

1) Sprint will ruin TMo
2) Anyone, including myself, with a clear mind will leave T-Mobile
3) Mission = Fail

So, we end up with a sh*tty 3rd carrier with people leaving it in droves for something better - one of the two evil companies. This is terrible and stupid.

It won't be Sprint. It is Softbank. Softbank has success in doing this. The combined network will be able to actually get this done. T Mobile executives have said they want it to happen. This will put Sprint and T Mobile in better positions. It will finally give a real strong competitor with the big 2. which is something we don't have. Sprint and T Mobile have both improved their networks but not lag behind. A combined company could pull more weight. Especially in spectrum auctions. Also T Mobile's management team is suppose to be brought in to head the new company.

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Because they can promote real change and the difference in networks doesn't matter even a little?

You really need to read up on the go before you speak

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How does this make things better for Tmobile customers, they left Sprint for Tmobile, Verizon, and AT&T for a reason do you think they want to go back? NO they will leave again. I swear you guys can't wrap ya'll head around the most basic stuff.

Because tmo customers will get better coverage outside of major cities? Because tmo customers, with sprints, will be able to actually cause change on a wider scale?

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If they where on Sprint and they left Sprint obviously Coverage outside the major cities wasn't an Issue.

Maybe it was the coverage in the major cities and the merger would take care of that as well. We know that until recently sprint didn't have the spectrum for great building penatration

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Yeah but the two combined will be a different animal altogether. Go pay your high prices with att or Verizon if you are that opposed. No one is stopping you

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Writing in all caps proves you lack intelligence and have no argument. Also Sprint LTE phones have Gsm bands. Also everyone is moving to LTE. Daft fool. Try some research next time.

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Once everyone moves to LTE, it won't matter, especially now that companies are transitioning to voice over LTE.

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While "management" may have changed, the absolute debacle Sprint had when they bought Nextel makes me have almost no faith they'll manage T-Mobile well. I don't care that the excuse is to better compete with at&t and Verizon. You compete by having good service and prices, even if you're not as big as them.

First off all its Softbank not Sprint. Softbank has success in doing this. Also you have no understanding of the US wireless industry.

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You are a shill for the wireless industry. See how I can turn an opinion into a fact just like you did?


You can Google just like the rest of us. Do your own homework before you think something is going suck. Take you emotions out of it and look at the facts. Softbank didn't make those billions without doing some things right

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I used to like sprint. Sprint was the best carrier in my area back in 2005...Then lte came out. Sprint did the wimax on all their 3G towers, and service dropped off tenfold. Now they changed them to spark, and they cover the same footprint as the wimax did. Sprint says they are done in my area... Tmobile came in and lit us up... They are better than Verizon around here... Sprint says they have no future upgrade plans... Hopefully they keep tmobile towers.

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Keeping the towers is going to be up to the FCC. Concessions are going to have to be made to get this by them, and some of those may be selling towers to whomever is the #5 carrier (or regional carriers) now.

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You know writing in all caps shows you are daft. Like severely daft. It shows you don't have facts. Nor an argument. Also what has Softbank done to revamp and change the wireless industry. Look it up. They have done more than any of the US carriere combined. Did they just make billions and Son become one of the richest men on earth by doing everything wrong?

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IS this where I get to say that


You people who derided me can start apologizing by hitting the reply button.

Will it get approved? I do not know, but as i told you many times, this deal was going to get done between DT and Softbank.

I guess they really will be the UNCARRIER after all....

I apologize after I bang your mom tonight... Then, maybe, just maybe I will... Or maybe your Mom should apologize to you instead of swallowing...LMAO.. go away kid with your stupid comments.


I have no idea what you're talking about, but it still has to clear the FCC... Knowing them, they'll say something like "only if you let comcast in on it and charge more money.

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Actually I think it will be sell towers and bandwidth to dish, which is just as bad

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I was with Sprint for 13 years and just switched to another carrier earlier this year... trust me they have been shitty for a long time.

Yes since Softbank. They took over Sprint in July of last year but I didn't dump Sprint until this past February. And I dumped them because their service had gotten so bad that I had no choice. I went for over 2 weeks with absolutely no service before I just gave up. I was with them for 13 years, so trust me I didn't make that decision lightly.

Ok, you're full of shit. If the person isn't glorifying Sprint, they're a liar? How would you know? Do you work for Sprint? Are you a shareholder? You sure seem to have an awfully difficult time letting people express their opinions or share their experiences when it doesn't seem to further your agenda.

When their opinions are factual inaccurate they deserve to be ridiculed. But you stupid Americans love making stuff up and passing it off as fact

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Why do you have such an interest in this deal? One would assume that your not from America based on your lame insults, but it's wise never to assume. I'm guessing you live in America. Like some typical foreigners talk bad about the country, but take everything that you can get.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

The problem with that statement is that you're ridiculing people that share their sub-par Sprint experiences. There are people that have great service; and there are people that have shitty service. But, as soon as someone points out that they have a bad experience, you take it personal and turn into a whiny little Sprint-loving cocksucker.


The good news is that with all the spectrum and towers they (and I mean the new company) all the complaints should go away.

It is going to depend on the concession that the FCC are going to require.

Hell no!!!! Sprint was ao against att buying tmobile, even though it made sense because they were both gsm. Now sprint wants to buy it! No! Just no! I love what tmobile is doing, once they expanded there lte network I will probably switch to them. I don't need sprint ruining everything. (Someone should tweet about the merger to tmobile's ceo. )

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OH GOT DAMN! Will you please go away. Are you that SON dude in disguise? GO BACK TO YOUR SPRINT FORUM.

Except that most of the commission that was there then, are gone now and the FCC is a totally different agency(at the top) than they were back then.

On this I speak from experience

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Now that I have my gloating out of the way, I will reiterate my position from before. The two of them together will actually be able to put up a fair fight to the likes of ATT and Verizon. They will have the subscriber base, the bandwidth and the infrastructure to get it done. They also have the attitude that they want to shake the status quo.

I am not a huge fan of marketplace contraction and lack of competition, but it is not like either Sprint or TMO were much competition to the other two anyway.

We need to embrace this change.

...and no, the fact that one is CDMA and one is GSM is NOT a factor that needs to be worried about. LTE-A will be the equalizer, and even before then it will not matter.



You cannot see the future and are only thinking of what you have now. What you have now, one way or another, will cease to exist. The better way is by tmo merging with sprint. The other way is bankruptcy and a selling of assets.

Which would you prefer?

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T mobile doing just fine? Yeah that's why they can't make a profit. Also writing in all caps just shows everyone how stupid you are

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No way the FCC approves this. They want 4 major carriers. In the end Sprint/Softbank will wind up having to give T-Mobile money for this attempted (but failed) purchase.

Actually no. Since the deal is between Softbank and T-Mobile's parent company. And if you want actually good and better service you better hope it Happens

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If the same parent company owns both, then the FCC will see it as such. Keeping them named separate names will not keep it out of the FCC's hands. If Softbank were to own both, they would differ in name only before too long and have the same billing/data plans, phones, etc. Essentially they WOULD be the same carriers.

Sure, just like that great Sprint service those customers are getting now. You obviously must have ties to Sprint. They have the most pathetic data speeds and service for a company that has been around so long. It's embarassing to say the least.

If you are getting such great Sprint service then why the hell would you want that Lousy T-Mobile service to interfere with that great Sprint service??? I want nothing to do with 5mb LTE download speeds. Sprint can't even get out of their own way.

You speak pure BS. Your company Sprint is not the "now network", it's the fecal matter nonexistent LTE network.

Plenty. They absolutely can stop it as T-Mobile is a US company, and operates here. Think about the restrictions European regulators have put on Microsoft and Google which are US based companies.

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Two forgeign companies making a transaction? Nothing. However within the US, they can deem that the US-based spectrum be used by separately owned companies. So they can make the transaction, but the FCC can then say that they must sell the T-Mobile owned spectrum or just cease it if push came to shove. Softbank will have to work by the FCC's rules if they want to run a carrier(s) in the US. The FCC has FINAL say about who uses the spectrum within the US.

Actually no. Since the deal is between Softbank and T-Mobile's parent company. And if you want actually good and better service you better hope it Happens

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Every move T-mobile has made in the past year has been copied in some form by Verizon and ATT. Programs like Jump, paying to switch providers and even recently a 500mb base increase to data plans without extra costs. I think that is what competition is called. I don't recall Sprint causing any similar changes in the market recently.

Hahahaha, now that's funny.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Stupid Americans can't stand facts. They have to restort to insults and not very good ones but you are a stupid American so I shouldn't expect much.

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I'm not American or am I? You seem to think you know it all. Actually you're the one that started throwing insults around, you're a hypocrite. You don't like it when someone comes back at your lame attempt to degrade someone.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

But, Sprint hasn't. T-Mobile is the reason why each phone company now has device financing; they're the reason why Verizon and AT&T have been lowering prices and offering more data. They're the reason why each phone company has been offering more promotions, in the recent months. Buy, go ahead and blindly disagree, because everything I just said seems to contradict your agenda.

If you think Verizon and AT&T have been lowering prices you are even more daft than I thought.

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Actually, they have. Do your research, instead of blindly supporting Sprint. Due to TMobile's UnCarrier promos, AT&T and Verizon have been lowering prices and offering more data for current plans. If you can't see that, then you're more daft than you're accusing other people of being. But, please, don't let me stop you from being a blind Sprint fanboy. Keep on insulting people. Only on the Internet can fools like you be tough.

It is getting good approved, there is no competition once you get below att, this will provide that competition that has been missing.

This is nothing but a good thing

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But you said you get such great Sprint service, why would you even want T-Mobile and Sprint to merge??? Sprint customers want this merger and MOST T-Mobile customers don't, wonder why??? Think about it.

Because the only way that there can be real competition is to have a subscriber base as large as att and Verizon.

And there are places that tmo is better, just as there are places where sprint is better than tmo. Who wouldn't want those gaps to go away?

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If this gets approved the US cellular market will practically be an oligopoly

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As someone who has fairly recently switched from Sprint to T-Mobile I have very mixed feelings about this. But honestly I just have to laugh everytime I think about it.

Just wanna throw out that it's soft bank and not sprint just in case no one knew...

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Sprints CDMA based Network will absolutely destroy T-Mobile's GSM Network. This is the worst thing for the US T-Mobile customers. I get the absolute best service from T-Mobile, better than all other Carriers and I have had them all. Once or if this merger happens the great service and super fast data speeds will be something of the past. Sprint will screw this up big time. They are still screwing around with their pathetic Network. If this happens I will be changing Carriers, I don't want to but Sprint is that bad.

So, how long will it take to deploy this lte-a across both networks? A better question is after Softbank buys T-Mobile, where is the money coming from to make a lte-a network happen in the next 10 years?

You need to research softbank. The have 100s of BILLIONS, laying around.

Money is not the object. Do you think that all these upgrades that sprint has been doing do not include LTE-A tech?

Lte-a is already a reality in the US and other countries. It is not like we need to develop it anymore. It is just flicking a switch

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How long before sprint rolls out any meaningful lte–a? They have jumped from 3G to wimax to lte to spark and have wound up on the losing end each time.
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Wimax was a great investment if you see it for what it really was.

They bought spectrum on the condition they put 4g on it within a certain time frame. Wimax was the only thing available. If they did not do it they old have lost what they had already paid for.
At the time it was the only real choice

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If anything CDMA will not be in the picture. What will likely happen is that the two systems will merge on LTE-A. CDMA will last for awhile but we will not be forced to get new CDMA handsets. If that happens there will be a flight to better.

Not a good few weeks.. First AT&T wants to merge with Directv now this...

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The only good I see from this is that the lte from both companies will enhance both networks and since lte technology is mostly similar albeit different bands I think it will help both companies. The cdma part with gsm is the part I'm hesitant about, ever since the Nextel debacle. I guess we will see. Overall I don't think it will be too bad plus things won't start changing for a while.

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People don't switch to T-Mobile because they want the best network/spectrum. They switch because they are tired of overpaying for data caps, subsidies, contracts, and overages. What's worrisome is that a merged, big-two competitor, will not have the same desperate incentive to 'shake things up' as the little guy does with the uncarrier initiative. Sure, magenta might end up with a larger spectrum portfolio and a bit more purchasing power.... but I don't care. I love the uncarrier.

The good news is that tmo and sprint are similar on pricing, and there is no data cap with them.

This will be great competition for Verizon and att

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Ye people who only see the little bitty tiny picture. After spending 100 billion dollars, I have a feeling that prices MAY go up a little. You're either a dreamer or a fool if you think prices will remain the same if this takes place. Competition demands that this new company price itself along with it's competition if it wants to remain a player.

Why can they not keep the same pricing as they do now? They will actually make MORE money on the deal through combining the companies and through the shear quantity of customers they will have. 50b is nothing in the long term, especially if you look at the cash that softbank has on hand.

Why did they take the loan if they have so much cash? Because that is the way corporate finance works. They get to take write downs and other tax breaks because of it.

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there will be no more Magenta it will be Yellow and Black Sprint the Tmobile brand will be gone if they do merge so no purchasing power for them the spectrum will be refarmed for sprints spark or lte whatever they call theirs and everyone will become sprint customers in a way glad i am on ATT would not want sprint or soft bank running my crap just feel bad for those tomb folks that are against this but again i do not think the DOJ will allow it they didn't all the ATT merger no way this goes through either.

Did you say anything that actually made a link of sense? I didn't think so

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Here's the deal... Let's assume this clears the FCC.. Which carrier, and which phone do you buy after it goes through? What I mean is, this sounds like the att/cricket shit where a few thousand people have to buy new phones, but on much larger scale... I'm glad I like my tmobile M8..
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It could go exactly lime when sprint shut down the iden network. Stop selling cdma phones on, for the sake of argument, August 1st. For the next 2.5 years with every bill let people know that cdma is shutting down.

In 2 years all contracts are up and no one has to pay anything goes extra for a new phone. Simple.

On top of that, most phones next year will be lte-a and the point will be kinda moot.

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That's true. But since I've switched my lte speeds here where I live are 2 times faster than AT&T lte and faster than Verizon lte most of the times. Hopefully things will get better faster. Especially since their converting 2g to lte it can only help to have more money coming in. I guess we'll see

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You are wrong, I switched to T-Mobile because my data speeds are twice as fast as all other Carriers, I still have a unlimited Verizon account which I put on self suspension, I had Sprint and ATT, none can even come close to the T-Mobile data speeds in my area. Live in a suburb or Boston, my T-Mobile HSPA+ data speeds are almost twice as fast as all the other Carriers LTE speeds. My T-Mobile LTE speeds are 3 times faster than al others. Throw in real unlimited data without throttling and some free tethering data and that is why I'm a very happy T-Mobile customer.

Sprint and tmo are close in pricing, and a merger would only help that

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No offense, brother, but no one knows how this merger will price its plans. Until we see some hard numbers on future plans, it's pure speculation as to what they will be.

Some people may have brash opinions about this, but, others have very real concerns. Who's to say this merger doesn't mimic the behaviors of AT&T and Verizon and remove unlimited data? Or raise prices? No one truthfully knows.

because you have sense Merc, most of the people champion this are the S4guys who believe this will be good if Sprint buys customers. The same customers that just left their network. The same customers who had bad experience on that network.
We all supposed to on a whim just take Sprint/Softbank on their word(who Softbank still is number 3 in Japan) that in a few more years everything will be smelling like roses.

Can combining two decent networks into one good network be a bad thing?

Putting pricing aside, the networks will improve and the unlimited data will not go away.

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Well, we'll see how everything works out. For all we know, this could work out to be a great thing for the wireless industry.

That is very true. Pricing could change and go higher.

I am more inclined to think that they would keep many more of the good things about both companies ( good pricing, unlimited data) and coverage to rival vzw and att.

Right now way too many people think this is the absolute end of the mobile world as we know it, and that is just not the case IMHO

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i feel bad for TMO customers if sprint gets their paws on them it will be all over for those enjoying all of those so called freedoms that we on ATT and Verizon don't get. However just my thought if they didn't let the ATT Tmob acquisition go through there is no way the DOJ will let this go through so even though these bums agreed Tmob just gonna end up with another company paying them for a failed merger.


Tmo and sprint both offer the same kinds of freedoms from Verizon and att, so that is not gonna change.

Att and tmo got shot down because combined the subscriber base would be way out of whack. Even merged, tmo and sprint would be in third place, but provide real competition

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I just hope this doesn't happen. Why risk something that's getting better and I don't care what Grim and a pair of dogs tell me, I don't want T-Mobile to change whatsoever or have shares owned by Softbank.

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Do you want to to exist? How about have the subscriber base to really cause change instead of just talking big and making small gains?

If you are for those things you should love this merger

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Lol... I didn't see that autocorrect got me there, touche

Obviously I meant to say not 'to to' but 'tmo to'

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This is horrible... 10+ year t-mobile customer, and I love the company... I will leave if Sprint makes this purchase.

Stop it. Softbank will not run competing companies in the same market.

They will merge and restructure everything

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You missed the point of what I was saying. It's Softbank buying the company. Not Sprint.

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This will be a win win for both company's especially Sprint, their service is so sup par it can only get better with a merger.

Looks like T-Mobile customers will finally get service where I live and work everyone says Sprint sucks but it works better than Verizon and AT&T where I am I work in a cooler all day and can stream YouTube Pandora spotify all day and know one else can

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That's probably because they are afraid to go over their data limits, not the actual service. ;-)

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I'm going to echo stoneworrior:


We need to promote COMPETITION, not consolidation.

That is what this does. Neither can compete against Verizon or att

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I'm not buying the argument that a combined company would be a stronger competitor. Even from the 4th placed position T-Mobile has impacted the pricing of att and Verizon meaningfully.

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With a huge cost per customer acquisition which in the long run is unsustainable.

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so the guy that tried so hard to stop AT&T from buying T Mobil. Went and scooped them up.what a smart d bag!

I rather go to ATT if this merger would ever happen

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Awwww... My feelings are hurt. Not homophobic at all. But, you're a blind Sprint fanboy. Typical foolish internet tough guy.