T-Mobile is launching a new plan aimed at families of four. Beginning this Wednesday, July 30, customers will be able to set up a four-line Simple Choice plan with 10GB of data for $100 per month. Unlike plans on other carriers where that data would be shared, on T-Mobile each line will get 2.5GB of high-speed data. The offer will be available until 2016.

Generally, a $100 four-line Simple Choice plan from the carrier comes with 1GB of data per user. Like simple choice plans, this one comes with unlimited talk and text, along with free music streaming over cellular from selected music services.

What do you think of T-Mobile's new Simple Choice option? Let us know below in the comments.

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T-Mobile launches new plan to help families save some pennies


how much for 5 lines?

Current 5 lines is 110 with 1 gb per line

If I'm hearing this right, tmobie'll double the data for the same plan I have now, just shared?

And when's tmobile going to announce their new music streaming votes? I'm waiting for Google music!!!!!!

No, the data is not shared. T-Mobile is offering 4 lines @ 2.5GB each. Also, the promotional data allotment only lasts until 1/2/16, at which time it will be dropped back to 1 GB/mo. For you, it would likely end up being 4 lines @ 2.5GB and 1 line @ 1GB for $110/mo, and you will need to decide which gets which. That's the major upside to shared data allotments; that much less micro management, but you definitely pay for that convenience.

As for the streaming music, no idea what is going on. They don't seem to be voting anymore, but they aren't saying anything about which services they are planning on adding either.

I'll take what I can get. If they're giving me an additional 1.5 gb per line for free for 4 lines, I'm not complaining.

Beggars can't be choosers.

Now, are current users grandfathered in or do they have to switch?

I love tmobile's unlimited streaming but Google music beats the others hands down and needs to add Google asap

Also waiting on Google Music. It's frustrating that they haven't confirmed whether or not they're planning to add it.

i was with Sprint from 2008 to 2013. i switched to AT&T GoPhone at the Nexus 5 launch. the LTE coverage difference is shocking - i didn't know what i was missing. i don't know much about T-Mob but i don't think you'll miss Sprint.

good luck.

In general I don't like programs that provide one level of service or pricing for a limited time then revert to a lower level of service or higher pricing but it is no contract and after a year an a half it would be time for new phones anyway so it seems like a good deal overall.

It is interesting to note that T-Mobile is not allowing the 10GB to be shared by the 4 devices on the plan but rather fixing it at 2.5GB per device. I can see why they would do this; it will lead to an overall lower level of data usage. But, for plans where one or more devices use very little data and one or more use a lot it could be an issue.

Also, if I understand correctly, the phone costs would be in addition to the $100/month. So, for 4 new smartphones done over 20 months of payments, the bill for the first 1.75 years would really be ~~ $180-$230/month + taxes and fees.

Tmobile does that with their mobile hotspots as well. They usually cut a $10 dollar discount if you have a phone plan with them, but they're competitively priced.

i.e with promo:
1 gb for $10
3 gb for $20 etc etc.

Finally someone who realizes T-Mobile ain't that cheap. Everyone knows consumers aren't paying full price for their devices and are financing them through T-Mobile, and that adds up to $20 or more a month for each line of service for new phones.

Its cheaper for those of us who do not buy new phones every 24 months. Three of my four lines hang on to phones for three years usually. I save a lot of money that way.

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Find me a plan cheaper than the $30 dollar 5 gb, 100 minute walmart plan.....

For most of us 20 something year olds, 100 minutes is more than enough.

you kids are scary only using 100 minutes a month. i think your generation has lost the ability and desire to communicate verbally. yes i am Gen-X.

Lol, I agree though. Everyone uses social networks and IM apps to communicate nowadays and rarely call and text anymore.

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Not really, there's Viber, which works great for international, and hopefully, Google hangouts will release their voice service for android.

Traditional calls are a pain in the butt when travelling overseas or getting in contact with someone overseas.

Just because people don't talk on the phone, that's a sign verbal communication is going downhill? Do you know, people can actually leave their house and meet people face to face?

But theres stuff like hangouts, skype, imessage, facetime, etc now if you want to talk to someone you can do so freely over the internet.

I use the Walmart plan as well and you seriously just can't beat the price. If I'm worried about minutes I just use
magic app from magicjack works surprisingly well, I can make call from wifi or data and the quality is quite acceptable.

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Do you have a link for this? On Straight Talk I see a 1500 minute but 100mb data plan for $30. Or are you referring to a different service from Straight Talk?

It's still cheaper. Just because you get a subsidized phone doesn't mean your paying less. Even if someone does the financing plan it's still cheaper than most companies. Plus their are websites like swappa where you can buy new and like new phones and save money.

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It CAN be cheaper. It is against the normal carrier grain how the T-Mobile and Sprint plans reward you for holding on to your phone for longer periods of time or bringing your device. It makes perfect sense if you figure the carriers aren't taking a hit on the cost of the phone.

Not really. With T-Mobile they give the illusion of cheaper, when in fact it is about the same.

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Not for those of us who buy the cheapest phone. Three of my lines have $150 phones. Similar phones are free from AT&T. Your upgrade is worth hundreds. If you use it on a cheap phone you're throwing money away.

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Even if you get the latest and greatest it's still chepear.
You're paying full price for the phones on AT&T and VZW as well.
So phone prices is a push and T-MO has cheaper service.
So still cheaper on T-Mo no matter what phone you get.

A typical flagship monthly payment is $24 for 24 months on T-Mobile. So, the phone portion will cost you around $600. With other carriers, a flagship phone will cost $100 or $200 up front plus the subsidy. If you pay $200 up front that leaves $400 of subsidy spread out over 24 months. $400/24 = ~$16. T-Mobile would only have to be $16 cheaper per month, per line for you to come out ahead.

They're not even comparing the subsidy plans though...
And even then the subsidy is NOT $400. Your math is all wrong.
Let me break it down for you
4 lines with 3GB/each(12GB total) on t-mo is $140
4 lines with shared 10 GB data on AT&T is $160
That right there is already $20 cheaper.
The AT&T subsidy plan is $260 per month which does include phones. plus $200 up front per phone
T-Mo plan plus the price of phones is $240/month so again still cheaper by $20/moth plus the $800
So as it breaks downs for 4 lines for 2 years
T-Mo- ....... ..... $5760
AT&T Next$ ... ..$6240
AT&T contract ....$7040
In the end T-Mobile is cheaper by $20/month total than AT&T NEXT
And $53.33/month cheaper than AT&T contract

If you don't need a $650 phone it is a hell of a lot cheaper.

If you are on contract with AT&T or Verizon on contract you are paying over $600 more to be on contract than off contract for 2 years. It doesn't matter to them if you get a cheap or expensive smart phone you are paying $600 on contract to them for it.

Here is the problem with your logic:

At some point my bill WILL be cheaper. Guess what? When your contract is over, your plan will be the same unless you change to a unsubsidized plan format. I change to this plan I will save about $75 a month. Pay my phones off and I will save another $100. A subsidized customer will just continue to overpay. I know I will eventually have to buy another phone, but that doesn;t mean I have to buy it from T-Mobile.

No, I said it is not that cheap not T-Mobile is expensive, don't take my words out of context.

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The comparable plan on AT&T is $160. So your saving $60 regardless of what phones you buy.
Plus for a family a four you don't have to get the absolute best phone for everyone , pick up at least 2 $220 moto g lte for the kids and skip the payments.
There are more options than paying $20 - $30 a month extra and buying everyone $600 phones. I do just fine with my $350 nexus

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That implies everyone is tech savvy enough to know what to do, most consumers walk into carrier stores, get the latest and greatest for their family and walk out. They don't go "hey, if I buy some Moto Gs the price will be lower".

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I didn't imply anything, regardless of it you just pick up the latest and greatest your still saving $60 a month over AT&T on their comparable plan. That is a significant savings alone
On top of that customer's who know what they are doing can save even more, I never implied that most customers are going to know they can do that or will. Just that it's possible.
I think as more and more customers switch to device financing models that are being embraced by carriers, customers will slowly learn that the best deals on phones aren't always at their carrier store.
I haven't bought a phone from a carrier for over 2 1/2 years myself.

Who cares about the majority. The argument is that this is cheaper than the alternative and it is.

You are now saying that it has to be cheaper and the average consumer has to know that it's cheaper.You are moving the goal posts.

But it is not cheaper if it isn't used, see what I am saying? If the majority aren't being wiser, how is it cheaper?

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Please just look up to the top comment,
AT&T's comparable plan for 10GB of data and 4 phones is $160, and that's a value plan you still have to pay full price for the phones on top of that.

So it's $60 cheaper, regardless of whether or not you do your homework smartphone shopping or buy 4 top of the line models from the store on financing.
It's $60 cheaper for the plan per month, that's $720 a year.

If you go on contract with AT&T it's a whopping $260 a month, plus $800 up front for 4 high end $199 phones, which is about $33 per month averaged out
so over $290 a month, your not saving anything by keeping your subsidized phones

Exactly. Kids don't need $600 phones. Most adults don't either. Like you my Nexus is just fine. If I had a family I'd be looking at doing exactly what you mentioned.

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Everyone knows consumers aren't paying full price for their devices and are financing them through T-Mobile???? Really??? I know a lot of people with T-mobile and not one of them are financing a phone through T-mobile. Thats what makes the plans so great, you have the choice unlike the others where you have to finance through them. Most people don't even know they're financing, some call it subsidizing, but either way you pay it every month no matter what.

Your comment seems contradicting. You had a point then go somewhere else with it at the end.

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But not everyone will finance a smartphone. My friend uses ebay for his phone needs. His logic is "I'm going to root it the second I get it so there's no point to finance a device like that."

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See, but you don't have to buy $700 phones. You can brig your own, or spend less on a phone and not pay $25 a month extra for the device.

T-Mobile is definitely less expensive. Especially given the fact that it is unlimited data.

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Moto G LTE is $219 off contract. for a family of 4 on a tight budget i'd buy 4 of those and pair it with this T-Mobile deal. much cheaper than even Straight Talk at $45/Month each.

can anything beat that value?

Theres a few mostly MVNOs but you get what you pay for.

$19 on Ultra Mobile, unlimited calls and text but only 100 MB of data (T-mobile Network)
$10 a month Republic Wireless No data calls and text only (Sprint Network)
$0 FreedomPop 200 minutes 500 text 500 MB (Sprint Network) Good home phone replacement

In which case it will probably be whatever is the standard plan by 2016. Cause 4 lines $100 is the price of 1 GB each right now. They don't know how much data they can give in 1.5 years and still be profitable so they set it as default

After 2016 does the plan revert back to a current plan at that time or do you keep the plan (now grandfathered) but it will no longer be available?

Legere will renew it or make it better IMO. Competition is getting brutal and commoditized even further with time.

Legere is a master at marketing for sure but Tmobile's plans aren't any beer than the other carriers if you do your homework. 2.5gb per line is not 10gb shared! I had tmobile and they were Ok but I switched to AT&T and pay exactly the same with twice the coverage. Tmobile is getting there but they need to build up their network more.

Your right! For me to get 5gb per line on T-Mobile it's actually $5 more! $120 for 2 lines with 5gb each! They do not offer identical plans! But these plans are closest to what I have.

You're not factoring in that streaming music doesn't count towards your data pool.
I been using that rhapsody unradio thing and in a week I used 7GB of data but T-Mo is counting 3 GB.
4GB went o speed tests and streaming music.

It also depends on what your personal usage is. With T-mobiles music freedom 2.5 GB unthrottled can be a lot more than 5 GB of data on AT&T.

Yeah they need to add amazon and google though.
Those are the ones I use the most and could care less about rhapsody.
Not disagreeing with you though.

Yeah no doubt tmobile is doing some cool things but it is all in which plan suits you. I personally don't need the free music streaming but it is a nice feature. My only point is that the other carriers have equivalent plans to tmobile and it boils down to what works for you. Everyone must do their homework when choosing a carrier because sometimes these marketing ploys are not as good as they seem when you read the terms and fine print.

That's with a corporate discount.
I can't get one so it will cost me $130
Your argument doesn't apply to everyone

It would be $10 cheaper on T-Mo
But what if 1 user needed 19GB and one user needed 1 GB?
I already used 7GB in 7 days with T-Mo. my wife used 200 mb
Say unlimited plan for me and 1GB plan for her.
That's $110 on T-Mo. and $180 on AT&T.

Maybe your not getting it. I am talking about my personal use not yours. For the plan I need at&t was cheaper and in my area has better service. You can play the scenario game all day but everyone's needs are different. For me tmobile is the same price as at&t give or take. What if one user needed 6gb and one needed 4gb? At&t is $130 and tmobile is $130! All depends on usage needs.

So now you're changing your stance? Your original statement was that it's not cheaper on T-MO if homework is done. I'm cheap and done a TON of homework. Nowhere did you say specifically for you in your original statement. You just said it wasn't cheaper if you do your homework. Now that you've been proven wrong you want to backpedal and add stipulations.

Haha wow. AT&T is cheaper for me and I am not back pedaling! I get a 15% discount that Tmobile does not offer me! I pay $115 a month and Tmobile would be $130 a month. Thats $15 less a month!!!! There are also mvno carriers that are cheaper then tmobile. And my original post said that Tmobiles plans are not better than other carriers plans! It didnt say that there were others cheaper!

So after 2016 at some time, you won't get grandfathered in? That's like giving some drug samples to junkies to get hooked on and asking for money for more later.

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After 2016 they will drop you to the lowest unthrottled data limit whatever that is. It might be 2.5 GB, it might be lower or it might even be higher. Depends on their profit margins. I wouldn't think 2.5GB is out of the question in 2016 when most phones will probably be LTE, LTE is cheaper than older technologies, and their 2G to LTE upgrades should be finished by Mid 2015.

It's funny how everyone is paying close to a $100 a month and 1gb of data.I have boost mobile and I have unlimited everything for$45 a month with 2.5 GB of high speed 3g or 4g.

As much as I love T-Mobile and their plans, they have to do something about the fact that outside of major cities (including many interstates) I get EDGE coverage. That's just terrible.

Had Tmobile and switched to Sprint after they just turned up the 65Mhz and 800mhz around my area. Loving the service and it has worked much better for me.

Getting a line with unlimited calling and text, 2.5GB data, free tethering and free music streaming for $25 a month is far and above the best deal you'll find anywhere. I have a family of 4 so that's what it works out to for me.

For phones I have a Nexus 5, my wife has a Motorola X, both acquired at steep discounts, and my daughter and son have my old Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus. Great phones do NOT have to cost $600!

We'd totally love to go for this plan but we all have Verizon phones. We tried using them on T-Mobile, but we'd have to get a signal booster to use T-Mobile.

For inside of the house?

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I'm waiting to see what Verizon is going to do in October with my unlimited data to see how much they will throttle me. T-Mobile is making it easier for me to leave Verizon.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.