Uh oh. This isn't good. According to a post by the T-Mobile Support Forums administrator, the Cupcake Update to Android is not currently planned for release to T-Mobile G1 users. Contrary to reports that claim Cupcake would come to the T-Mobile G1 at the end of this month, a message sent to the T-Mobile Forum Admin sent from T-Mobile PR is that:

According to the Android team, “Cupcake,” which is the code name for an Android software build, is still a work in progress that is considered to be a development branch and not for general availability. We will update you as T-Mobile G1 software updates are made available to T-Mobile customers.

We don't know what to think. Cupcake is going to be an integral part of Android's future so it's important that the Android Team gets this right, if it means delaying the update, that's fine by us. On the other hand, we've been itching for Cupcake since the G1 released, to wait even longer would be terribly painful. What do you guys think?

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T-Mobile Has No Immediate Cupcake Release Plans ?


While I am disappointed, as well, I would much rather I get an update that is going to function properly, than have it mess up other applications in my G1.

However, very disappointed in T-Mobile.

I needed a new "smartphone" and recently (just 2 days ago) ordered a G1. Not knowing it's capabilities or faults just yet, I do look forward to using it...And like many others, when an update does come out (I have read it will be in the first quarter of 2009)I would like it to function properly, without crashing and not just come up with an update for update purposes (ala Microsoft)

I look forward to reading comments from others...

Apple recently announced they would after iPhone copy cats. I wonder if this is T-Mobiles reaction. Darn it. Now I have to find the news link that talks about Apple.

I find this to be tremendously disappointing. I really like my G1 and the Android platform, but it truly feels at times as if I am using a beta device. I knew this going in and anticipated kinks in how the phone ran. I agree that they should not release an unfinished update, and I just hope T Mobile does not leave all the early adopters out in the cold.

I also wonder about future updates -- will T Mobile continue to update and support the G1 when they are released?

I just wanna use my stereo bluetooth :( (Sucks not being able to listen and charge at the same time!)

T-Mobile is laughing all the way to the bank. The G1 debacle has pretty much made me decide to leave T-Mobile after being a customer for over 10 years. If I had known how limited the G1 is I would have spent $20 less and gotten an iPhone...even though I despise AT&T.

T-Mobile customer service actually told me to remove most of the applications on my G1 if I wanted my battery to last more than 12-18 hours. That's AFTER making sure that all radio functions were indeed turned off. What I have is a paper weight that accepts phone calls. If you haven't bought a G1, DON'T!

I bought my G1 with the anticipation of the cupcake release... it is disappointing that it isn't out yet but I'm ok with it... the android platform is an awesome concept and I look forward to what ever comes out next... I will be patient but I would love to see cupcake to be released soon... I agree with T mobile I would like to see it released the correct way and with minimal problems...

Yeahh that is true people sayy they don't like the g1 or whatever. I love my g1 its awesome. Still needs ah few adjustments but other then that the phone is working fine. And one of the main problems with the phone is just the battery. Um does it effect my battery if I slide it open and close it a lot? But yeah if that's ah problem just call t mobile and they'll send you ah new battery. I'm waiting for mine now. But when I did call they said they are gona release a new update feb 5 to feb 15. Its gona let you save pics from messages and a whole crap load of thingss. (Good things though) :D but yeahh and the only reason the cupcake hasn't came was because tmobile had to doo something with the program I think approve or whatever. But yeah there gonna get a lot of cool things for g1. And g1 is better that iphone hahahaha

I suggest everyone go out and get an iPhone and toss their g1in the gutter. I'm a former g1 user who has switched to the dark side and loving it. I have 1.6 gigs of games and apps and I haven't had any dropped calls. I not against tmobile or google, but the iPhone is awsome phone.

This is rediculous. This is just reported from some random post found online. I read this three days ago. Try and find credable sources before you post news. I'm sorry Mr. Chan but this is the worst website of the Round Robin. I read all of this news at other websites long before you post it. I don't care what anyone says, there WILL be an update. Why do I know this? Because it's obvious for any company when you have EXTREMELY unsatisfied customers, expecially when you are talking about nearly 1.5 million, something MUST be done.

@Tmobile CEO...

CEO's probably know how to properly spell ridiculous and credible.....

I hope your right though.

What? Gosh, I wanted the cupcake. I want the touch screen keyboard. But how come if you go on youtube u see other people with the screen keyboard, But yet we don't have it? And like I saw some asian people already had the g2?? Idk... But yeahhh I can't wait till it comes out

I love having a brand of phone that encourages me to never buy the same brand again. I mean, aside from the dismal calendar alerts, if just the wireless-headphones would work, I could at least say that the phone makes a great ipod, but as it stands now, all I can say is that it’s a battery sucking beast that is out performed by phones that are 5-6 years older.

What’s there to like really?

Okay... wtf was the whole purpose of saying the cupcake is gonna be released in mid-january but yet were in feb. and they still haven't released it... its true I should have just got the iphone instead of having to wait for this, okay I'm totally lying I love my g1 lol. I understand they wanna fix it and stuff but damnn I really want that cupcake thingy to come out already.. the g1 would be sooooo much better!! And I didn't no u can listen to music with bluetooth?.. pretty awesome. But yeahhh please release thiss quick... haha...

But other then that keep up the great work.

I love all these people knocking the g1 because of its flaws. Its a new phone with a new operating system that's is truly still in development and if any of them knew how to use the internet would have known this way before the phone came out. I have the phone and I like it. I know there is a lot of flaws to it and knew before I got it. The fun part of the phone is seeing what they will be able to do with it down the road.