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It ain't doughnuts or a tie or an ashtray, but T-Mobile's got a nice little Father's Day deal in place.

First up: T-Mo's soliciting photons on its Facebook page. Post a pic of you and your dad on their wall. On June 18, they'll pick five pairs of winners, with each winning an HTC Sensation. (Read our full review.)

Secondly: Magenta's giving away 200MB data plans for new and existing customers (with at least 18 months under their belts). Technically, you'll get $10 monthly credits -- equal to 200MB of free data -- for a year. Or, you can apply the credit toward any of T-Mobile's more useful 2GB, 5GB or 10GB data plans. Your choice.

Not a bad deal. And it all starts Saturday, June 18.

Sources: T-Mobile, Facebook


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T-Mobile giving away 10 HTC Sensations, 200MB in free data for Father's Day


The power button will probably fail on the Sensation the day after the warranty expires, like it does on HTC's Nexus One. So free is about the right price. Yes, I am bitter that I spent $550 on a paperweight and HTC says I'm SOL.

Boy, I really hate these Facebook only deals and give-aways. Some of us stay clear of Facebook and are SOL.