T-Mobile Garminfone

The good news, for those of you hankering for Garmin's special blend of navigation software, is that the Garminfone will be available June 9 on T-Mobile. What we're still scratching our heads over, however, is the $200 price tag -- and that's after the $50 mail-in rebate card that you won't get for a month or so after you sign away two years of your smartphone life. Anyhoo, you'll get the same level of Android 1.6 coolness that we saw back with the Nuvifone A50 at Mobile World Congress, so check out our video of that if you're still on the fence. [T-Mobile]


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T-Mobile Garminfone coming June 9 for $199 after rebate


ummmm.....no. how is this a good idea when, as far as im concerned, google maps works just fine? and 1.6??? seriously? pass. waiting for the nexus to go on sale in tmobile stores....#thatisall

I'm willing to bet that this phone might actually sell pretty good... you see most people don't have a clue and they will listen to anything what the salesmen will tell them (who most likely don't know much more than they do). They will see the Garmin name and think it's the next best thing since slice bread. Sad isn't it!!!