T-Mobile Garminfone

If you've got an extra $199 burning a hole in your pocket and are desperately in need of some serious Garmin action on your phone, you can now go out and get the T-Mobile Garminfone. It's the first release in the U.S. from the Garmin-Asus marriage, and it comes based on Android 1.6. Anybody out there getting this guy? [T-Mobile]


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T-Mobile Garminfone available today


Because Garmin does navigation better than anyone else.

Try to navigate a strange city on your Android phone using Google and will miss critical turns, be trapped in the wrong lane, be delivered to the wrong side of the street, send down impassible streets.

I've run my Nexus One next to my Garmin. Google Nav works fine for the country side. As long as you can stop and back up after missing the turn, but freeway driving in a strange city is just a joke.

Hopefully Garmin brought all their smarts to this phone. Hopefully its a Garmin with a phone bolted on, and not the other way around.

so are the maps on the phone or do you need a data connection like Google Nav does. I use the Google Nav with no real complaints gets be were I need to go. there have been a few times I have lost data connection at very important spots. why not sell software with the maps you put on your phone Garmin. ( Big Garmin fan been using there products since 2002 until I got my droid.

Yes, the maps are on the phone. This is one of Garmin's key marketing points.

Google Navigation is unreliable. There were multiple occasions of it giving me bad directions. The application crashed the phone a few times. It's an early prototype at this time.

Garmin standalone devices are reliable, give good directions, and work even in the areas with no data connection.

Kind regards,
Borys Burnayev
GTD for Android and Web

That's funny, because my Google Navigation actually gives me better directions than my Garmin Nuvi and has always worked flawlessly for me.

Garmin totally beats Google when it comes to directions. I have ended up on the wrong side of town to many times relying on Google. I had to switch back to the reliability of my Garmin. I am a traveling salesman and use GPS endlessly, as I travel in multiple states. I even bought the window mount for my Droid.

I hope that Google betters this, I would like to carry one device for everything.

I'd rather own my android and Garmin seperate. Of u receive a call while driving and can't see where to turn? It needs at least 2.0 to be able to fight out on the Android customer market.

I am a long-time Palm user (I'm walking away from Palm Pre, just received my EVO 4G from Sprint today). Back in the dark ages (about 2003) I bought a Garmin iQue3600, one of the pioneer devices to combine a Palm PDA with an integral GPS. What it was designed to do was amazing, and I wowed all my friends with the stuff it did. Unfortunately, it was unreliable and unusable--Roughly once per week it did a hard reset on itself, losing all my contacts, notes, etc. (at least at that time I didn't have email on it--No internet connection). The only way to restore these was to sync to a computer, and unfortunately I travel a lot for work where I'm away from my computer for up to two weeks at a time. The device was a disaster, even though it was really jaw-droppingly cool (for the time) in what it did. That has kind of permanently soured me on Garmin for anything other than strictly GPS devices. As a secondary concern, my smart phone battery is too limited for me to allow it to be used as a GPS except in short-term emergency situations.

I won't be buying a Garmin phone now or ever, even though I respect their GPS technology.