T-Mobile Garminfone

We haven't heard much about the T-Mobile Garminfone since its launch back in June, but word has come that the Android 2.1 update for the phone has been released into the wild. No OTA to be found here, though, as users will have to manually download the update file and transfer it over to the phone. Full instructions and a link to the download location can be found past the link for those interested. Be sure to sound off in the Android Central Forums with your impressions of the update! [T-Mobile Forums] Thanks to Charlie for the tip!


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T-Mobile Garminfone 2.1 update available for download (fwiw)


I was wondering what OS was on that phone, now I know. I have always loved Garmin products and have a nuvi GPS of my own, but I'd be interested in a Verizon version of this, hopefully a second iteration.