T-Mobile G2x

If you've got a sexy T-Mobile G2x in your hands you'll want to sit it down for a while so that you can grab your cables and get started on downloading the LG update tool. Yes, Gingerbread for the T-Mobile G2x is now available for download. The update will come in weighing 178MB and when completed you'll have fully loaded Android 2.3.3 GRI40. If you're rooted or using a custom ROM at the moment, you'll likely want to hold off but of none of that is your concern -- have at it.

Source: XDA; via: Android Police


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T-Mobile G2x Gingerbread update now available


LOL the all mightly atrix? Have you actually held a G2x? real time speed blows that phone out of the water.

I think ALOT of people are going to happy about this.

Finally!!! I can fix my wife's phone. She's had so many problems with it, but wasn't comfortable letting me root it like mine.

I've had Gingerbread for over a week on my G2x because I was sick of waiting and decided to root. I won't be unrooting for this. There's so many cool things you can do on a rooted phone with the same software.

Serious? More of this update utility crap? I thought I was done with this after I ditched my Vibrant. Anyone know if the update will eventually come down as OTA??

Woah! What a tease. No Mac version of the installer? No OTA? Ugh. Guess I'm not updating. And how is this official if the download is from Mediafire?

The updater is a mess. It won't detect my phone even though I installed the drivers. It would be nice if it worked.

Why is it telling me software version is not supported? I'm running a stock G2x that I JUST received from T-Mobile yesterday (it's my 3rd one).

Now it has changed it's mind and says my software is the latest version! Wow, I regretted buying a Sensation when I saw this news, but now I'm happy considering the sorry state of this update. We wait and wait and this is what we get. More crap.

So did mine, got stuck on the "S/W Update" screen. Good thread over at XDA explains how to fix, but basically you use KDZ flasher, the link to the tool and the Gingerbread ROM are in the thread. It took me a bunch of times, but finally I was able to flash the .kdz file. All my data even stayed intact. Yay!


This is too funny.. I called T-Mobile yesterday and bitterly complained about my G2x (which is my second one) and made arrangements for a 3rd one to be sent out. I asked the Android Tech Rep when they thought the GB update would be available for the phone and she said... "we have been asking the same thing... we have no clue". Long story, short.. they sent out the replacement phone last night. I just did the GB update on my current G2x(the one I was complaining about). The update went perfectly. It took about 15 minutes in all and everything is working very well so far. If the update holds and the phone starts acting normally I will refuse the shipment of the replacement and keep this one. Guess we will all see how many of the issues this update takes care of. I had no one glaring major issue... just a lot of small ones.

Looks like you can no longer hit space twice after a word and get the auto "." What a bummer. My only grief with G2x was the fixed signature in email. That's now fixed but this is worse. Wish I could rollback to previous version. I've never had to type a "." on a phone. Will take some time to adjust. Anyone have any suggestions?? I would not update if this is a real bug and not just me missing something. I've looked and tried all sorts of things but nada. :(

Went through two of these phones before finally calling it quits and getting the HTC Sensation. I really hope this update fixes the many problems it has for those who are stuck with it.

The more I look into this update the more it makes me believe this is a non official update, but rather a beta that was pushed by LG. Guess that is why there was no OTA or Tmo notification that this 'update' was available. LOL.....the LG TMO saga continues.

WARNING; Use at your own risk! This bricked my phone. I am not new to Android or updating a phone's OS. And yes I read the instructions and followed them to the letter. Everything went fine till about 5% into installing the update when it stalled then the programs said it couldn't be completed. I left it cabled and tried the recovery; didn't work. I tried contacting the LG online customer support site but the website was overloaded even after trying for more than an hour. Hmm, could others having problems? I called T-Mobile. We tried a hard boot but it ended up on the same non-responsive install screen. The reps didn't even suggest anything else and issued an RMA. She hinted that I wasn't the first one she had talked to regarding this issue.

Next time, I'll wait for T-mobile's official update.