T-Mobile’s highly anticipated G2 is going to be available for pre-order starting at midnight and will officially launch Oct. 6. Are you going to reserve your G2 the second the clock strikes 12 tonight? It will definitely save you from the nightmares of finding it out of stock come launch day. Drop a line in the comments or in the forums if you snag yours! Or if you live under a rock and know absolutely nothing about the G2, you can check out the spec sheet here and you can pre-order it g2.tmobile.com at midnight. [via TmoNews]


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T-Mobile G2 available Oct. 6, preorders start Sept. 24


I love my Nexus One but the pull of the new G2 is just way to much to pass up. Will be ordering mine bright and early. Just hope it's as good as they say, if not I have what I think is still the best made and looking device, that's right the developers phone, Nexus One, rooted and loaded. It's a real beast. I'm just a real phone nut, just have to have the next new thing.

I have to get my hands on this... not to buy, but to renew my faith in keyboards. Hearing that its pretty close to the TP2 hopefully it is.

Right now I have an evo though, and after a few months with it, going back to a smaller screen size is really not an option....**unless it has a really good keyboard

Well, I had the G1. For the past 6 months, I have been using the HD2. I have been wanting to get back to Android. I have been waiting for a release of a suitable Android phone on T-Mobile, and I believe this is it. I know a lot of people like Windows Mobile, but it just isn't for me. I haven't been this excited about a phone since, well, the G1.