T-Mobile G2 overclocked

That T-Mobile G2 overclock from yesterday?  It just got faster, and released to the public!  As the developer says, his particular G2 can reach 1420 MHz, but most all G2 CPU's should see a significant overclock, making the already fast little phone that much faster.  The developer's words say it best:

"...after an overclock and a tiny voltage increase, the G2 basically blows
every retail Android phone out of the water (even overclocked)"

It's not quite automatic, but the instructions are straightforward and simple enough, and the source was released along with the binary.  Big bucket of GPL love goes out to you, Mike.

Check out the video after the break, and hit the source link for full instructions and download links.  Then jump into the G2 forums and let's see some benchmark scores.  [XDA-Developers] Thanks, Mike, for the method and the heads up!


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T-Mobile G2 overclock gets even better -- and released [video]


The Samsung Epic has been capable of 1.4ghz for weeks. Why was there never an article on that? I have mine at 1.3 ghz and it flys.

i have an x and it can go up to 1.2 stable... the only problem is that method only works on android 2.1 on the x.. there isnt an overclock for 2.2 on the x yet

I think it's more newsworthy because such a huge deal was made that that with it's cpu the G2 wasn't going to be all that fast. And now overclocking it makes it blow other phones out of the water. Animosity much guys? Just a tiny little blurb.

Dude, I have no idea. I sent back my G2 on principle. I'm not buying anymore locked phones. From what I hear, battery is still pretty good, providing you take the time to set up the governors and scaling via an app like SetCPU. At 1420 full time I'll bet you're lucky to get 3 hours lol.

A 78% increase in processor speed via overclock is definitely newsworthy. My Fascinate wouldnt even OC to 1.2ghz with any stability.

You might want to check your math. 600mhz to 1200mhz is a 100% overclock, not 200%.

Not saying it isn't impressive, it totally is :)

i sure a lot of the G2 naysayers feelings are hurt by this. my G2 is already super fast out of the box, so i could just image how fast it would be if i tweaked it....

Nice to see a big over clock, but not unexpected. Is there anything out there faster than the Galaxy S lag-fixed, with the 1.2ghz kernal ?? hitting 2765 on quadrant ....

Yes. On any Qualcomm chip, 2.2 plays a HUGE role in performance, easily doubling performance over 2.1 numbers. On 2.1, Snapdragons (new or old) don't compare at all to the offerings from Moto or Samsung in the speed department.

I'm not sure why TI and Samsung processors aren't getting the same huge boost in 2.2 though -- hopefully that's something being worked on in the next version of Android, and by the manufacturers.

Let's be honest, if you could double the CPU performance on a Galaxy S device or a Droid X it would knock your socks off. Even this version of the Snapdragon doesn't have nearly as good of a Graphics processor as either of those.

I don't know for sure but, I heard it had something to do with the Neon instruction set that's supported by the Snapdragons.

I've yet to look into it, though.

That almost makes too much sense :)

If you do find yourself looking into it deeper, I'd love any info you find jerry.hildenbrand(at)androidcentral(dot)com

I dont care about my droid x's speed. As long as im happy. And then in may 2012 on my next upgrade i will have that 2 month time frame where i can brag about my phone being the fastest. This process repeats itself with every phone. (Ex. Galaxy S, now the G2)

Bingo. When the MT4G and Desire HD (which use the same chip, but ones that scored higher at the factory and can be ran at a higher clock speed to start with) get overclocked it starts all over again.

Then comes the Moto's with the dual core, and the Tegra2, etc, etc. Enjoy the hell out of what you have now :)