T-Mobile G2 update

Word on the street this morning is that a few people have gotten an over-the-air update on their T-Mobile G2 that enables Wifi calling, tethering and a sundry of other trinkets. Rollout doesn't seem widespread just yet, so we're likely in the very early stages here. But any update is a welcome update, especially one that brings this kind of functionality.

See the update yet? Sound off in our G2 forums. [XDA Developers, image via]

T-Mobile G2 update


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T-Mobile G2 reportedly getting an OTA update to enable Wifi calling


Not getting my hopes up but hopefully this will popup for me today! Will be just the icing on the cake for me with this phone. So glad I switched from BB to android.

Nothing... I am getting antsy.... I didn't call it stock just for that reason of tethering. Was wondering where that wifi calling went!

coming from a rooted Nexus One with custom roms, I'm not used to having to wait for OTA's. would love to get a hotbot option.

I have been up all night waiting for my OTA update. I'm absolutely hoping this is true. Been on the phone with T-Mobile and they won't say anything. Very frustrating. I am hoping this is not someone's idea of a freaken joke. Anyone who does get the update hope they will let the rest of us know.
Thank You T-Mobile.

God I hope their "rootkit" is gone, would love to see what the community can do with this device! Hope they fix some minor glitches also, like the huge vibration spam I get when I unlock it.

Android noob here...so the new OTA should be the one on the screen right?

REally looking forward to Wi-Fi Calling. While I am in "Great" signal area, at home, certain rooms specially, my signal drops off. Granted my G2 has much better signal strength that my BB8900 ever had. I can actually take and make calls in my cube at work. Something nearly impossible to do before.

I'm really impressed with the signal strength of htc phones. Is this something that driven by OS or is it pure hardware?

I'm glad t-mobile decided to enable native tethering on the G2. I love how this is the only stock android experience that is on par with the nexus one