While we're all waiting for a real rooting solution for the T-Mobile G2, part-time car enthusiast and full time Android geek Paul O'Brien has whipped up a really nice one-click solution to get temporary root.  With the G2, the current root method goes away when you reboot the phone, so a simple method to get it back is a welcome sight.  To take it a step further, Paul has made a version of the application (called VISIONary, aptly enough) that runs automatically at reboot, and reads a script that the user can drop his or her own commands in.  For downloads, and full instructions, visit the source link.  [MoDaCo]

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stoneworrior says:

I give it five minutes tops before someone starts preaching about one click root methods and.... First.

Smokexz says:

Nothing wrong with that, faster to reroot after the device shut off

Velocity says:

Can you delete the bloatware with this or will it magically come back on reboot?

remixfa says:

now if he can just get it to reroot AND reflash Cyanogen automatically on reboot, as well as restore apps, then thats a pretty good middle finger to HTC.. lol.

Mikey47 says:

Can someone help me understand this a little better? Say I use the one click temporary root, install some apps, delete some apps, etc. When I reboot, I no longer have root but can I still run those apps that were installed when I had root?

tomh1979 says:

give it a shot and see what happens, being as this is the first root method available, i'm sure no one knows just yet, however there is now way to then save the apps you may delete if you were to need to return the phone for warranty.

r-nice says:

What's with the root obsession?

likwidsoul says:

Sure there is. Root your phone install titanium backup turn on chuck noris mode make backups of the apps delete them and go about your merry way. Backups are stored on the SD card so they are there if you need them.

quivello says:

I ran VISIONary on my T-Mobile G2 and went immediately to SETTINGS > WIRELESS & NETWORKS, hoping to find TETHERING & PORTABLE HOTSPOT or a similarly named category under which I'd be able to turn on wifi hotspot functionality. But there's no such category there.

After running VISIONary successfully on a T-Mobile (USA) g2, how would I enable wifi hotspot functionality?