T-Mobile G2

It's been a long time coming, folks, but the T-Mobile G2 -- and with it, the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z -- finally has a permanent root. The work was done by Scott Walker and his merry band at XDA and is being compiled into ROMs as we type, this, we imagine. In other words, you've got a tad longer to wait if you're not familiar in the ways of the GIT -- but rest assured, you'll soon have your permanent root. Check out the source links for more, and congrats, everybody! [XDA, IRC, GIT] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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T-Mobile G2 finally cracked open, permanent root for all (and the Desire Z and HD)


Why is everyone so happy? We all do know that gingerbread is coming really soon, yes this is great but only until gingerbread comes out.

What are you talking about? Having a rooted Gingerbread rom will be even more awesome than a non rooted Gingerbread rom.

I wonder, is it any more difficult than other devices? I know some devices like the older G1 were considered more difficult for the newbie android user to successfully root, and some newer devices you can just click one button and it'll be rooted; I wonder, since this devices was "unrootable" for awhile, if it's more difficult than other devices to actually become a super user?

<--Rooting newbie tempted to get either Desire Z or HD.

Assuming the HTC Merge is redesign of these devices can we expect this to mean that this probably applies to that as of yet unreleased device which needs to be in my hand right now?

I've been wondering the same thing; hopefully it will. Maybe sometime shortly after the 11th (the latest I've heard on release date), we'll get to find out...

Does this mean Jerry will go back to the T-Mobile store and buy another G2? He was going on about how much he loved the phone on the podcast, but returned it anyway because he was all doom and gloom about its rooting prospects.

Listen again. The Doom and Gloom is about handsets getting locked. The fact that people were able to get around this one doesn't change that. Manufacturers are taking money for equipment, and telling you that you aren't allowed to have access to all the hardware you paid for.

I'll sell you a hard drive, but you can only run Windows Me on it. Sound good? You support that kind of thinking if you like, but don't ask others to.

The G2 is a good phone. It's fast. But I don't want or need T-Mobile and HTC to babysit me after I pay for it without a contract for their service. I had every intention of re-purchasing once the hardware lock was defeated, but now I have some other offerings, from companies who don't lock hardware down, to look at first.

That's perfectly fair. Don't take the "Doom and Gloom" thing the wrong way, I'm just saying it is what it is. ;)

I know it's been discussed ad nauseam in the past, but I'm still not completely convinced HTC put this here with the express purpose of blocking rooters. One story said the G2 had a backup partition, T-Mobile said they had read-only parts, then the hackers said T-Mobile lied about the backup partition. I went back to T-Mobile's dialog and found what they said was consistent to what the hackers were saying was actually a bug; I could not find any reference to a backup partition from Magenta.

Maybe it has all gone over my head, but this bug/feature did seem to be a capable failsafe and would serve the purpose of reducing customer service calls. If new OTA's fight this, that may reveal their intentions.

Probably (read my rant above lol). I still think it's the best Android phone I've ever used. But now I have a new round of rumors to read about before I pull out my gadget fund :p

Hey Jerry, I have T-Mobile and I want to get the desire Z. How do I find out if it will work on tmobiles network? Can anyone help me please? I figured I would gte the phone from bell but I also don't know how to do that either.

Just went to android market to get visionary for G2. It is no longer available in the market. Anyone know what is up with that???