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We're getting word that T-Mobile G1 users have been getting OTA updates over the past couple of days, but alas it's not "THE BIG ONE" to Android 2.0 or 2.1. Instead, it looks like it's a radio update, aka the infamous "call quality improvement."

Be sure to post your findings in the forums and check out what others are seeing. [T-Mobile forums]


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T-Mobile G1 users seeing OTA update, but it's not Android 2.x


I received the update Tuesday, and so far it seems to hold a 3G connection better than it did before in areas near the edge of coverage. I never had a problem with call quality so I don't see a difference there.

I received the update late last night and after everything was said and done, I had to restore my phone back to the factory defaults. That lead to time having to setup all my apps and settings the way I had them before. Not very happy!

I've noticed that some people have had this problem before with updates in the past (seems to be at random). Wonder what causes this troublesome headache? Have you had to do a factory data reset before with prior updates or have you even had your phone long enough to see any updates get pushed OTA?

I've had the radio update on my G1 and Magic this week, there's been a noticeable improvement in 3G reception, people on xda-dev report better wifi signal and throughput as well.

Eclair though, seriously, have you tried Android 2.1 on a G1? Go and install OpenEclair. Even with the RAM hack and Wes Garner's experimental fast kernel it's painfully slow, so much so users are reporting their phones sometimes don't receive calls because the OS can't launch the Dialer app fast enough. Memory and compcache on the phone are almost full on a plain boot, never mind running widgets or apps.

If that's Eclair on the G1, I don't want it, and there's no way carriers will run with it it. Donut is plenty fast, and seems to be as good as it gets for this trusty 18-month old phone. Time to move on.

That's funny, my G1 is almost blazingly fast with OpenEclair. I'm running OpenEclair 1.2.2 and it's amazingly fast, faster than stock, but obviously not Super D fast or FastTest fast. That's with no ram hack, using GDE with 7 screens and all are filled up. Oh, and I also have live wallpapers running. :)

Seriously, I can't wait for OpenEclair 1.3, because it's looking like it'll be awesome. It wouldn't be THAT hard for T-Mobile and Google to make a 2.1 update that runs quickly. It's already not going to get live wallpapers, so it should work quickly enough.

if you want to root your phone dont update your radio or you wont be able to root your phone.

I finally took the upgrade this morning - WHAT A DISASTER! my home button doesn't work anymore, only the back button, hitting home does nothing, holding down home does nothing. The camera button doesn't launch the the camera, holding down the hangup key only gives me the option to power off, not mute the phone. the phone no longer locks - any keypress wakes it back up.

I hate having to rebuild my phone. Anyone know of a way I can submit a problem report to google?