Hey would you look at that! Two pretty girls and a T-Mobile G1! It definitely looks like our favorite G1 is getting more and more popular. This shot was taken from the CW series 90210, yes, a spin-off of that Beverly Hills, 90210.

Everyone is so used to seeing iPhones in popular culture it becomes almost surprising when the T-Mobile G1 pops up on TV shows. I don't know who that dark hair girl is but she now seems infinitely more knowledgeable and a bit more geek-edgy with a T-Mobile G1 in tow! I wonder how she feels about open source OS's.

[via Gizmodo]


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T-Mobile G1 Pops Up On The New 90210


That's actually not that great of an endorsement. The dark haired girl, i forget her name, is a drug addict on the show. And a wannabe actress who's always at odds with the main character. And is probably more of an evil bitch than the blonde one who's supposed to be the Queen B.