Remember those reports that the T-Mobile G1 users were going to receive a free battery replacement for the anemic battery currently in the G1? Well, according to TmoNews, one user has already received their replacement battery and it is packed with 22% more power. The new replacement battery contains 1400mAh of much needed juice while the original battery is at a paltry 1150 mAh. Supposedly, the new 1400mAh battery can be used with the original battery door so there is no size increase.

Kudos to T-Mobile if they really are planning on sending out batteries to us G1 users. But we're not sure if this report can be confirmed since only one single user has spoken up about this. What about you guys? Anyone lucky enough to receive a new battery?


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T-Mobile G1 Battery Replacements Already Shipping?


I have a Dev G1 and the battery is a 02M but it still says 1150mAh, so that 02M obviously is no indication.

I read a forum that said t-mobile would ship a new battery to those that complained enough. Well...I received my new battery three days UPS express shipping, and I didn't have to pay one cent. Seems that if you complain that you shouldn't have to pay shipping for a problem that was obviously a manuf. defect with the battery...

So...complain...don't give in, and you'll get a new battery.

Btw...the new battery does indeed have longer life.