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T-Mobile is dropping its on-contract pricing for the Nexus 4 all the way down to $49.99 for the next 10 days. In conjunction with an online-only discount the latest Google handset can be yours, provided you're willing to sign up for 2 years on a Classic Plan, for $150 off what it was sold for previously. This still involves a $50 mail-in rebate (please, stop that) but even that's worth the hassle at this price. We're not sure what the motivation is here from T-Mobile's point of view, but we're not complaining.

Although we still strongly consider you look into buying the Nexus 4 full price from Google Play and heading to T-Mobile with a Value Plan or prepaid option, if you're stuck buying phones subsidized on contract (such as in a Family Plan situation), there probably won't be any better time than now to pull the trigger on this device.

Source: T-Mobile; Via: TmoNews


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T-Mobile drops on-contract Nexus 4 price to $49 until Feb 18


How about T-Mobile stops everything they are doing and release the freaking update to the HTC One S?! THIS IS REALLY MAKING ME MAD!

You knew what you were getting yourself into, when you bought that phone. If you buy a carrier-branded device, then you have no right/reason to complain about getting updates. End of discussion.

He's talking about the money you will then have to pay for the contract. In the long run it will be a lot more than buying it off contract and using a monthly 4G plan.

The Goggle Play Store? I didn't know you could buy a phone at a goggle store.

Lol just kidding. Anyways, I completely agree. I just bought my N4 off Google Play and still have no regrets.

Hard to make the blanket statement that it's a rip off for everyone. If you're going to sign a contract regardless, or if you're in a family plan situation, there's no reason not to buy this for $49 w/ a 2-year Classic Plan.

There are definitely many situations where you're better off buying full price, but not in every case.

I would guess they have a 14 or so day return policy. If they don't give a credit then just return it and rebuy it.

Correct me if I'm wrong but if you buy the phone for $50 and then pay the Tmobile ETF which is $200 you basically get the phone for $250 correct?

In most cases you'll forfeit the $50 mail-in rebate, have to pay some portion of the month of service (even if its just 1 day), pay the $30 activation fee, and of course sales tax on the device.

Might as well just buy from the Play Store and save yourself the hassle :P .

I dont get why people get so mad at Tmo price..if you get it from Playstore or tmobile you still paying the same every month...I say get it at the best price for you Its the best phone out..

When the math is done though, buying from Google and putting on a prepaid plan is less over 2 years vs buying the device on contract.

That is what people are complaining about.

Plus T-Mobile is not for everyone depending on their coverage area. I am using it on T-Mobile prepaid and find it to work well here in St. Louis so far.

You actually pay less every month on T-Mobile if you don't take a device subsidy (aka use a Value Plan). So you'll save money buying from the Play Store and signing a 2-year w/o a subsidy.

A phone with very good spec. But that flat back and ugly texture stop me from buying it. Google please make something pretty even though it's a developer phone. Developers are human too, not robot.

Have you actually seen one in person? Speaking as a design professional, it's a very elegant and attractive phone. Much moreso than the GNex or any of the previous Nexus phones and arguably one of the 5 the most attractive phone on the market today. I get comments on what a good looking phone it is from my associates, who are also design professionals (i.e. snobs).

Style is subjective. Nothing is "beautiful" or "ugly". It's how each person perceives it. Saying that your opinion is better because you are a design professional is saying "I know better then you, so shut up". Which is quite douchy, in my opinion.

Lol troll much? The Nexus 4 is the most beautiful phone I've ever seen, and I even said so before I owned one.

GAH!! And I just bought mine a week ago! Hopefully they will give me a refund, if not I've already rooted and backed everything up (I love Nexus for that) and I guess I can just return it without too much trouble.