Look, we might as well just get this out of the way right now. The upcoming T-Mobile Sidekick 4G is not going to be a device for everyone by any means. The name itself gives some folks out there bad vibes but that doesn't mean the device overall doesn't deserve a fair shake. When you look at the situation -- it is still a Sidekick. But really, it is a new breed of Sidekick. It's no longer running the same OS as before and now T-Mobile has dropped Android onto it.

With that out of the way, T-Mobile has ramped up their push for the new Sidekick 4G and have since released a new video on the T-Mobile blog highlighting some of the features of the device. While it's really a run through of how Android looks, and works on the Sidekick 4G it gives us all a better look at device and how it will run.

In other Sidekick 4G news, we've also now learned that T-Mobile will be including HotSpot and broadband tethering capabilities when the Sidekick 4G hits the market. As well, the specs call for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS with 1GB of on-board storage with a 2GB microSD shipping along with it. [Phonescoop and T-Mobile]


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T-Mobile demos the upcoming Sidekick 4G for everyone


If it were a clamshell like the older Sidekicks, I'd be ditching Sprint for T-Mo when it releases. I don't understand what the big problem is with clamshell qwerty Android phones... not like you need to be looking at the screen when the phone's held up to your ear. If my last two free feature phones were able to squeeze in a second display for caller ID, then a smartphone I'm paying 300 bucks plus 2-year-plan for should be able to as well. As it is, I use my smartphone for texting and web browsing far, far more than I use it for talking, and I'd like to protect the screen.

And no, my comment is not spam. Jesus.

i loved sidkick when i had tmobile. I had the SideKick ID wasnt the best phonei ever had but now i am with sprint and a proud owner of the Htc Evo 4G