Beginning this Saturday, August 6, myTouch 4G and  G2 owners can bring their devices into any T-Mobile retail store to upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Though the OTA updates are already underway, this is a welcome option for those with little patience, as the roll-out is said to take a number of weeks to complete. The update will bring all of Gingerbread’s goodies to the devices: the G2 will receive version 2.3.3, while the myTouch 4G will put its front camera to good use with version 2.3.4. Remember, the process will wipe your data (your SD card will be safe, though), and can take up to 30 minutes of your time. Hit the source links for the full list of Gingerbread improvements for each device, as well as what to expect when you visit your local T-Mobile store.

Source: T-Mobile (G2) (myTouch 4G); via TMo News


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T-Mobile to begin performing in-house Gingerbread updates for myTouch4G and G2 on August 6


This is a great option for the less tech-inclined, but why not just make the update image available for download so that those of us who are impatient for the OTA but capable of updating on our own don't have to trek it to a store?

Yessss!.... I went in yesterday and they told me they didn't have any information on the SD card update ... I wonder why?

I manually flashed the update using the SD card this morning using instructions from XDA, and I can confirm that it is in fact 2.3.4 on the G2 and if you do it correctly, will not wipe your data.

It kind of makes me wish I wasn't running 2.3.4 on CM7 RC1....nah, not really. I tried stock and found it to be atrociously ugly and limiting.