Galaxy S II

As expected, T-Mobile has also announced their Galaxy S II tonight as well.  We don't yet have all the details and specs, but we do have a statement from T-Mobile:

T-Mobile USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of the Samsung Galaxy S™ II at T-Mobile this fall. Featuring a brilliant 4.52-inch Super AMOLED Plus touch screen – one of the largest screens available on a Galaxy S II device – T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II promises to keep customers entertained and connected while on the go. We look forward to sharing more information in the coming weeks.

Of course we're at the Samsung event in New York, covering it live.  If any details come out, you can find them here!

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kenyee says:

AT&T is the only one w/ the 4.3" display? :-P

SlimJ87D says:

Hmmm, I think I'll go with the ATT version. Looks better and perfect size.

mdoyal1 says:

AT&T doesn't need two 4.5" phones

Jordan jones says:

And just like that I lost interest, I want a phone not a mini tablet.

kenyee says:

That's exactly how the Samsung Infuse (AT&T's 4.5" samoled+) felt to me...gorgeous screen but way too big :-P

Not everyone has little hands. Remember when 3.7" was big?

shingi_70 says:

The rounded edges are Fugly.

It's like our lil' Vibrant's all grown up. *sniff sniff*

Zorachus says:

There is a Samsung T-Mobile phone named "Hercules" rumored to come out the end of October, with superman spec's. I wonder if that will be their Android 4.0 "Ice Cream" phone like Verizon's upcoming Nexus-Prime ? Also due in October.

If that is the case, meaning Samsung has these next gen devices launching with "Ice Cream" in just two months, whats the point of even releasing these Galaxy S II's now in the U.S ?

Sniper1087 says:

the rumor is that the Samsung galaxy s2 is the same as the Hercules, guess we will have to wait

Zorachus says:

I actually like the rounded smoother look on the T-Mobile version. It is like holding a smooth river rock with soft edges, compared to holding a jagged mountain stone with hard edges. Just my opinion.

T-Mo's version just looks like it would be more comfortable in the hand.

Whats the release date on this one ?

rizoh66 says:

It comes with 2.1 with hopes of 2.2 in the coming weeks, they promise! #neveragain

Zorachus says:

Android 4.0 Ice Cream coming to the Galaxy S2, after we launch the Galaxy S3 QuadCore in Spring.

moises1204 says:

What the f***, where the hell have you been? if you where trying to be funny you fail, go back under the rock you being all this time...

Oz_32 says:

Why would anyone buy all this new phone if it wont work on att
Network once the merge goes thru, unless this phones have tmobile and att band on both

btc0526 says:

You people always ask the same stuff. Its not like once they sign the deal, all tmobile phones will just shut off and stop working. Its gonna take atleast 3 more years before they change everything drastically and they wont work. So if you like this phone just buy it and be happy. Sheesh its so annoying having to read comments like this