If winning the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup in the same calendar year isn't enough for you Pittsburgh folks, maybe T-Mobile 3G will be! After not making the cut in our previous T-Mobile 3G rollout update, Pittsburgh is now covered in the all around speediness of T-Mobile's third generation network. Enjoy responsibly.

And Pittsburghians (Pittsburghers?) be sure to let us know how the T-Mobile 3G is working out for you! And for the rest of the cities still without T-Mobile 3G, your city could be next!


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T-Mobile 3G Rollout: Pittsburgh Gets 3G !


finally i got it yesterday morning but it was really slow the edge was faster i hope today its better but we will see

I was in dc for the weekend and 3g was wicked fast. I come to the burgh and was so excited to see the little 3g icon! But I will agree with other posts that it's pretty slow and I noticed it goes in and out. I'm hopeful things will get better.

Wow, decisions decisions. I want an Android phone, was going for the Hero on Sprint. Then saw the Cliq, and then the Samsung coming on Sprint. Oh so many choices, so many wonderful phones.

Fresno (between Los Angles and San Francisco) still dosent have 3G, but the surronding small towns has 3G. I spoke to rep at T Mo and she basiclly told me T Mo ran out of money and they are waiting for thier new budget....LOL.. Im disappointed with T Mo and would drop them if I wasnt on contract they been telling me this for about 6 months.

FINALLY!!!! I got it tonight and it's working wonderfully :) I hated having a G1 phone, with no 3G It;s about time T Mobile!!! Thank You :)