The T-Mobile 3G Rollout continues and we've got the latest news for you guys. These past few rollouts covered a lot of territory so make sure you check up to see if your city now rocks T-Mobile 3G! And the list goes:

  • Columbia, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, N.C.
  • Greenville, Columbia S.C.
  • Dayton, OH
  • Rochester, MN
  • Corona, Escondido, Oceanside, Fontana, Moreno Valley, Riverside and San Bernardino, CA.

As always, there are still big cities that are glaringly without T-Mobile 3G. Why this is, no one knows but we wish T-Mobile would be done with the rollouts and onto HSPA+ by now!

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T-Mobile 3G Rollout: New Cities, More Places


Looks like HSPA+ is working in Philly. I reported when Philly was the first to get it that it didn't appear to be working. I'm happy to report that there's a noticeable improvement. Yeah, I did the speed tests but let's face it: what's important is how fast your apps work as a result of increased speed.

For a practical test, I watched an hour long YouTube video for about 5 minutes. What used to happen is the video would pause, buffer, play, pause, buffer, play.... Now it plays like its over Wi-fi. Don't get it twisted; its not as fast as wi-fi. Speed tests prove that. But at least now you won't be shaking your fists to the heavens because of repeated pauses while watching videos and such.

I live near Dayton so I drove into an area which the T-Mobile coverage map shows should have a strong 3G signal but no luck.

This is bullshit! No pittsburgh 3g yet! Effin sprint is running on 4g and we're waiting on old technology! The only thing that keeps me with them as my service provider is that I have a G1 which I really like. But for fuc#* sakes it needs atleast 3g to be able to utilize what it can do. We've all been waiting way too long for this. And honestly its really ridiculous that we don't have it yet. We're paying 3g prices every month and not getting it. Get it together tmobile and fast!!

I was in lancaster pa about 2 weeks ago and noticed 3g on my g1. Today i was in harrisburg pa and had 3g as well. Its about time now i need it in lebanon pa i hear att will have there by the end of the year

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