The uber-popular Swype keyboard just got a new beta version dropped on us, and it's a doozy. Version 3.25 brings new gestures -- like go from the Swype button to x to copy text -- plus shortcuts to Google Maps, Twitter and a personal dictionary.

Check out the demo video after the break, and hit the source link (if Swype's servers are up) for the download.

Source: beta.swype.com

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Matt Passell says:

Looks like their servers are getting hit pretty hard. Just logging in with the Swype installer is taking forever.

jfarling says:

OK, so I love the part on their beta site that says "If your phone came preinstalled with Swype, DONT INSTALL THIS BETA!!!! It wont work!!!"

Mike77 says:

Ya, would be nice if they could relese a beta update for phones loaded with it, love swype!

El Jefe says:


I wonder if it will work if the preinstalled Swype is frozen first? Hmmm...I may have to try that once the servers aren't getting hit so hard.

nbell978 says:

root your phone, use root explorer to go into system/app, and delete swype.apk... reboot phone, good to go to install the beta.. that's what i did and it worked fine :-)

jfarling says:

I just updated my D2G to the gingerbread leak.....no root yet.

I agree. The copy-paste icons from the gingerbread udpate on the Evo 4G keep screwing up the word choice menu. I was going to sign up to be a Beta tester until I realized that I am stuck with the original version.

cguella says:

What is it this week. Can't buy a Touchpad servers down on every site you try. Uninstalled Swype and servers down, doesn't work, and now my favorite keyboard is uninstalled. This is a bad week for the fully scaleable world we live in.

Server down for maintenance. Oh, well.

csking1995 says:

Ooops. We broke it. First, my parcel would not parse. Now they are down for maintenance. Of course, I had to uninstall the keyboard in order to update, so for now I hunt and peck.

AJordanWise says:

Same thing just happened to me... got excited, uninstalled, went to install... bye swype.

I love Swypes sense of humor.

"Oops. We Swyped too soon.

a) We forgot to buy vowels

b) Our beta build server crashed

c) Upper management kept accelerating the beta schedule

d) All of above !#@$!&"

Ain't this some shit. Uninstalled swype on my rooted Droid X so I could update to the latest. Servers crash, come back up and now I'm getting a message saying "screen size not supported". Now I'm stuck with the stock GB keyboard. Boooooooooooooo-urns..

nbell978 says:

It's back up, folks!

bklyn says:

Yes, but when I downloaded and installed, I think I got the same 3.0 build I had before. Please check your Swype build. Mine says which I'm almost positive is the most recent build of 3.0.

Nope, I have on my DINC2 Just finished updating after they brought their servers back up, works like a charm! When you install you must select PRERELEASE not the beta.

bklyn says:

Thanks! I got it.

"there is a problem parsing the package" wtf?!!

asnyder says:

Do't have a cat, it's only software. Simply uninstall/reinstall the installer (said fast 10X), then log back in and update to one of the pre-release versions.

Wolfsv says:

Seems like these features are already available on the Nexus S 4G version of Swype that was recently released.

android alan says:

The new features are nice, but have to say I was hoping for the UI in the video.

nbell978 says:

Same here.. I wanted the black keyboard!!

tek.1231 says:

If you're rooted, you can get the Nexus S 4G version of Swype.

paulmike3 says:

Swype is arguably the leader in the "swiping" keyboard genre, and they still can't figure out how to add an auto-space in the native SMS app on the HTC ThunderBolt? FlexT9 has no problem whatsoever.

Truly pathetic, and Swype should be ashamed of themselves for their lack skill in the development department.

asnyder says:

GoSMS or Handcent - problem solved. If you prefer the stock app, that's totally cool too just don't use swype.

paulmike3 says:

I do prefer the stock app, and therefore I don't use Swype. Just wish I could. :\

hansonator says:

So is this thing gonna be in beta forever? I gave up on swype almost a year ago, I found I can type faster with swiftkey.

MthII says:

Maybe someone on this forum can explain this better but from what I understand Swype hooks up with the manufacturer(s) and gets the deal to make swype one of the stock keyboards for their phones or at least certain models. The Evo 4g had no Swype way back at launch but the beta was available and eventually we got an update push that included Swype (along with more bloatware). I guess by getting a deal with the manufacturers they don't need to put it in the market? Like I said hopefully someone else knows better than me but something along those lines is what i've heard.

CaptainYoshi says:

Are the visuals in the video accurate, because I got 3.25 to install and it looks identical to the old...

nbell978 says:

I believe the videos are using the exclusive "Nexus S 4G" version that came with a custom skin

Davest says:

Is anyone else having problems with this? I have installer version 1.1.26483 (12.15). Every time I run it, I get a message that says "A new installer version is available. Press Update to get it." I press update, it does the download and install, I open the app, and I get exactly the same message again. I've tried it four times now. I'm posting this on their forum too, but I thought I'd try it here too.

asnyder says:

uninstall/reinstall the installer

Davest says:

Yeah, thanks. Did that right after posting, all is well now.

xX_oG_Xx says:

that guy types likes a machine

Mr. Berry says:

So no skins?! Getting sick of the UI.

Yoshiaka13 says:

I have the black key pad on the nexus s 4g. But that's a custom Sprint nexus s skin of i'm not mistaken. Sorry

danperde says:

I just installed swype on my Sensation and it has the black keyboard, like in the video.

gramamoose says:

Did any one notice that its a Nexus S in the video?
So I checked, since I downloaded the sprint release. and works just like on the video.also checked the version I have and its 3.25 something or other.
My guess is that they are now offering the sprint version to every one

Doug B says:

Its works on a stock 3.2 Xoom now. I cant speak for other tablets but it works great on my Xoom! Me happy!

Can someone tell me the big deal with Swype.. I downloaded 2 different versions now & both sucked.. first & foremost there is no auto space.. why even bother with it.. the point of it is to type(Swype) faster then normal typing.. but without auto space its useless... Does anyone know of a different Swype type of keyboard that actually works.. I did use Slideit & that worked good but was only a 30 day demo then had to buy it for $6.00.. so I am back to normal typing..

danperde says:

Go under Settings->Language & keyboard->Swype settings and check the box next to "Auto-spacing". Problem solved. Enjoy an awesome keyboard! :)

jian9007 says:

Haven't updated yet since I saw they now include Swype Connect which runs as a background service that communicates from your phone to their servers. Has anyone seen how much data this uses yet? They say it currently contains licensing and measurement data but that it has been designed to support more features in the future.

So more things that go back and forth as a background service in the future. Most apps only utilize a background service when it is active but your keyboard is essentially always on. The current background service for Swype is usually using 15MB on my Sensation 4G & is running all the time just like my live wallpaper and Google Services. Just wondering if the new update is using more or not.

lilme08 says:

i do not have a prerelease option, just beta 3.25.

wow, great....