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We've been in love with the Swype keyboard since, well, forever. But time and time again we've threatened to break up over the stupidest of things. Because Swype's business model is to get preloaded onto phones and you technically can't download a full version, the beta installation process has always been a pain in the ass. Download the Swype app. Register. Sign in. Download the beta. When it comes time to update the beta version, you have to go through the whole thing again, and add in a step where you recover your forgotten password.

That ends now.

Swype Bets Version 3.26, in addition to bringing improved language control (which language you use at any given time), a refined key layout and new settings and help, also brings about automatic updates. You'll get notifications letting you know an update is available, and install it right through the settings. Easy as pie.

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frozencloud says:

Does that mean SGSII owner can get this beta? I really dont understand this preloaded vs beta thing swype have going

devi0124 says:

You can

1. uninstall swype using titanium backup or sdx app remover
2. delete libSwypeCore.so from /system/lib using rootexplorer mounted as r/w
3. download swype installer and follow directions

I'm pretty sure you DO have to be rooted to uninstall it completely.. you definitely have to be rooted for these instructions to work.

frozencloud says:

Ok, I will need to look into this rooting business first before doing all this step. thx for the help.

Elec_Monk says:

Can you explain this rooting process? (I'm Australia - rooting something means something completely different here!)
Is there a dummy's guide on how to get rooted and to do the above steps?

El Jefe says:

How many more years do they plan on this staying in beta? Who do they think they are...Google? :-)

zorak950 says:

As far as I can tell, the beta channel is just to get things tested so they can preload it on their hardware partners' phones. Unless their business model changes, you'll never be able to download an official final release as an end user.

borgdog says:

Still can't play beta if phone came pre-loaded. bummer. Must be time to CM ROM the X.

That sux. I actually tried to volunteer to be a beta tester just to get the new version of Swype on my EVO. Of course, I couldn't uninstall the old version so my attempts were in vain.

Love Swype but it drives me crazy that I can't update and Gingerbread copy / paste pop up box keeps interfering with the Swype suggestions.

hmmm says:

Root that sucker and take control of your phone.

frmorrison says:

That is a great change, to fix the only issue I have had with the product (updating was a huge pain). I am okay with being on perma-Beta, especially since it likely means it will stay free for a while.

mankows5 says:

So wait... to clarify.

I have an evo 4g that it came pre installed... can I not updated to 3.26. also I am rooted and currently have 3.25 does that make a difference?

mr.wizard says:

Uninstall the old version, download the new installer, install, register, download the version you want, install, enjoy.
Now with this and an ICS theme, my og evo is looking nice. I'm happy

hmmm says:

I miss the smiley face in the bottom right :(

keithz says:

I wish Google would just buy them already...

hmmm says:

A company called Nuance just bought them for around $100 million.

jezer29 says:

Ummm I'm already registered why would I have to recover my password? Cus I just downloaded the new beta from the site by logging in but when I check the version it still says 3.25 o_O

caseyatbt says:

I like the skin that they let you choose for the Sprint Nexus S. I wish I could use it on my EVO.

Yod-b says:

I don't know about all the new languages, but Hungarian turned out pretty good. Surprisingly good acutally. Altough the keyboard layout is a bit weird, 'cause we have some special characters. Other than that, it's really good.

rfranken says:

Voice to text doesn't work?
on my DX miui
wish it did

Kwaii64 says:

i really like it. it looks great, has a better interface and i can get used to the new numbering places.

Swype just keeps getting better.