Swype Droid X WinMo

There's a Reuters story going 'round today in which Swype CEO Mike McSherry (hey, Mike!) expects his keyboard -- which we're big fans of, by the way -- to be on 50 phones by year's end. It's currently on 10 (including the just-announced Motorola Droid X), so there's a bit of catching up to do, but no reason it can't be done. And we've love to see it happen.

That said (and we're just having a little fun here) one phone you won't see it on is the one above. That's right, Swype will not be on a Windows Mobile-powered Motorola Droid X. Photoshop blunder or not, we can think of a few people who would love to see this happen, though. And knowing the enterprising Android developers out there, it just might. And if you haven't tried Swype yet, you should. Get it at beta.swype.com. Thanks, Justin!


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Swype expects to be on 50 devices by 2011 -- but this is not one of them


Practically all photos of electronics have photoshopped-in screens. They're nearly impossible to photograph in a way that makes them look good (or even accurate to real life). How likely is it that the graphic design firm that did this even knows the difference between android and winmo?

love how thats a screen shot from a windows mobile phone shopped onto the Droid X. lol. they could have at least used a screen from an android phone. and i guess i should have read the article that states this lol. love that edit button.

It's funny that this just went up. I was just on the swype website to download on my evo. This thing is the bomb!! Texting will never be the same!!!!!!!!

I agree "Vicious"....I have been eyeing the product for a little while and reluctant to try it. I went and grabed it for my EVO last night, and I'am HOOKED in less than 24hrs of having it.....as you said "texting will NEVER be the same"!!!!!