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Swype - your favorite finger sliding keyboard is diving head-first into the mainstream phone market. The small company, which only employs 27 people, estimates it will be on over 10 million smartphones by the end of this year. Chances are you’ll be seeing Swype on some future handsets from any of the four major US cell providers -- so those “hunting and pecking” days just might be over.  

Phones aren’t the only thing that Swype can be applied to; the company has big plans to integrate its software into some of the upcoming Android tablets, and a 12-inch Swype keyboard is enough to impress almost anyone.  Even with all this expanding and growth, Swype has expressed no interest in a partnership with Apple -- which is A-OK with us Android users.  If you're new to Swype, head on over to our Keyboard Roundup and see if it's right for you!


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Swype has eyes on 10 million Android phones


I just got this keyboard on my Eris and I love it! Definitely takes some getting used to but once you do it's awesome!

It's nice but extremely buggy. I hate having to uninstall and re-install just to get Swype to work. And now I cannot even get it to work all I get is a flashing blue border and Swype does nothing. Getting pretty annoying.

Are you talking about the bug with restarting your phone and Swype goes into a limited mode? They're working on that. Very annoying, agreed. I know a lot of people ripped the .apk off and installed it themselves, but even us beta testers are dealing with that. Hopefully it gets updated soon!

I had an old version of Swype installed for a while without knowing that they had updated it, and it wasn't until after the update that I got the annoying restart bug- tough.

It's easy to resolve. Long press on the text input field, then switch input types to the Android Keyboard. Then do the same a switch it back. Your Swype should work just fine now. Yes, if your phone dies or you reboot, you'll have to do it again, but at least you don't have to uninstall/reinstall or anything like that.

I love SWYPE. I got the beta and loaded it on my Droid. I never use the har keyboard. I have thought about getting the Incredible (before it was shown to have a few problems I don't think I want) but the fact that I would loose Swype makes me want to wait and see what future phones will have it installed native!

I can't live without Swype. When I reinstall it, for a brief moment I have to use the default android soft keyboard, and every time I see the default I say, "wait, what is this? Oh, right- default keyboard."

I've spent more time with the Swype keyboard than the default, and will continue doing so. Fixing the bug that happens when you reboot the phone is a must though. I can't be reinstalling Swype every time I reboot my phone!

Swype is the #1 reason that I can stand to use a touch keyboard. The entire reason I bought my Moto Droid was bc I wanted a hard keyboard- didn't trust touch keyboards much, but Swype has turned that completely around and now I rarely use the hard keyboard. I may be ready to make the leap to a touch-only phone...

Has anyone used both the swype keyboard and the shapewriter keyboard? Shapewriter is a keyboard very similar to swype and it is available for free on the android market. I've never used swype but I am very curious to hear how they compare with each other. It was not mentioned in the keyboard round up article. Any thoughts? Thanks!

I've tried both. There are certainly features of both that I like better than the other, but I ultimately feel more comfortable with Swype. Also, I heavily use the Swype Editing Keyboard (this is actually what sold me on using Swype), which I haven't found in Shapewriter.

Swype is far more accurate with it's gestures. I try to type the 'ol, "pit put pot" in Shapewriter and it's an utter failure. Swype allows you to "hop" over letters, whereas Shapewriter thinks that the hop is your motion to another letter. (Hopping in Swype: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVZTb9t_tfc)

I suggest Shapewriter to friends that want something in the ballpark of Swype, but that is freely available. Shapewriter is a good free app, but it's a ways behind Swype, IMO.

Also, Shapewriter takes up quite a bit more screen real estate than Swype.

Are there 10 million android phones in the US? I thought they are less.

Anyway, they should add an option to remove the word prediction. I can't use it in my native language because it keeps suggesting words in English. Let me type the whole word without suggestions. That would be perfect and that 10 million devices could be more.

Sadly English and Español are the only two languages on my beta. This should hopefully change in future releases. You can always turn off the Word Prediction in your Swype settings, but then you'd have to type letter by letter and then double-tap the word and hit the Swype key to add that individual word to your user dictionary- seems like a pain, but that'd work for now until they give all available languages to the beta.

In the Swype tips video for languages (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asvpvgpIZFo) it shows a list of languages, I just don't see them in my beta release...

Hmmm...I've never experienced any of the bugs people are mentioning on my Droid. I'm running version 5612, but I doubt its this specific version because I believe beta testers are running a more current version. Very strange!

Version 5652 is where I started noticing the problem. Before I updated from version 5612 I didn't have a problem.

I am in the beta and running 5612 as my Swype version. I have never had any of the issues other people mention.

I have used both Swype and SlideIT keyboards. I found Swype to be better at prediction and just a little more polished app. SlideIT worked well enough that I would use it again if my beta runs out and I can't get Swype for my Droid.

While not a swipe or sliding base keyboard, SwiftKey is pretty fast (Not Swype fast, but can be close) as well because it predicts the next word you want to type.

Version 5652 is the current beta release, this is the one with the bug where it gives you the limited keyboard after rebooting your device. Apparently just switching to the default keyboard, and then back to Swype should clear that up (I haven't actually tested this)- but it's needed every time you reboot.

I LOVE SWYPE, It is THE BEST keyboard out there. I bought the HTC Incredible on launch day and moved my swype from the Eris to The Incredible.....The bigger the screen the better(well kind of).

Ive been using Swype for about a week and I think its great but I dont like the look of it. I was able to find a black theme at XDA-Developers.com. I recommend going there and taking a look.

It's currently in closed beta and not available in the market. It's been talked about that Swype has said they have no intention of selling it, and that they want to strictly provide it OEM (preinstalled on handsets.) So who knows if it'll ever actually make its way into the market.

It's not in the Market as the application is currently in closed beta. Also I've heard that it may not ever be sold in the Market, but rather Swype is looking to do OEM deals to have it included as pre-installed software on certain handsets (like the upcoming MyTouch 3G Slide).

I'm sure I'm not suppose to say this , but if you look for it, its around. I'm part of the beta, but have friends who have found the .apk around.

i have Swype Beta on my Nexus and absolutely love it!!! i cant go back to any other keyboard! some of my friends with Nexus's have had issues with landscape mode, but i dont....its weird! maybe im just lucky! :)

If swype plans to be on 10 million phones by year end it would seem as if they would have to plan on having their product be available as a third party app. Since I would imagine iphone and bb are out of the question how else would it be possible?

I put it on my girlfriends Motorola Devour tonight and got a message saying the "screen resolution was not correct" and so on. I dled the .apk file everyone dled after the Beta closed. Does anyone know of a way to get it to work on the Devour? Thanks for any help in advance.

So was this post just to taunt those of us who dont have swype and for those who have it to brag about how GREAT they think it is?...

Everytime I try and use Swype, I get an error saying that the trial has expired. I try and uninstall and re-install and get the same error. I am currently using SlideIt Lite and it works pretty well but I heard that Swype is better. Where can I get a copy of the beta? The copy I am using I got from Android Central here.