Not satisfied with all the April 1 shenanigans from the U.S., how about some with a British flavor to wake up to? We're all familiar with SwiftKey, and this latest 'innovation' takes it from our Android devices to our desktop or laptop keyboards. Say hello to SwiftKey Flow Hard.

Flow Hard allows users to type radically faster by dragging their fingers from key to key on a keyboard, instead of slowly tapping each letter individually. The innovative technology, built on SwiftKey’s award-winning NLP and Machine Learning input platform, automatically corrects typos and offers real-time predictions as a user ‘Flows Hard’.

Billed as 'gesture typing for the typewriter generation,' Flow Hard is all about efficiency. And having some fun! Another little fun thing to note, this came with an embargo, so kudos to SwiftKey for making the effort.

For more on SwiftKey Flow Hard check out the video up top, or take a look at the link below.

Source: SwiftKey

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RaiderWill says:

I'm going to be the First to say,
I'd buy that for a Dollar.


seasiick says:

that was pretty funny.

kuwari316 says:

I call april fools

artlu629 says:

If it's not. It's just sad.

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I don't think that's necessary.

steveb24 says:

You are a genius.

Trixz_D says:

But it hurts :( lol

The first corporate April fools joke to actually put a smile on my face since they all started yesterday!

"... to try and make sense of the nonsense you type."


This is so well done as you can actually try it out on the website and it tries to figure out what you were typing

tr-1 says:

Man, I thought it was real until he mentioned not needing to trim nails anymore. LOL

eahinrichsen says:

I lost it at the "spectacular flow trails."

Green_Laser says:

That was great haha

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MarkSeven says:

Good one!
I have a newfound respect for Swiftkey for this LOL

An hardware version of Keymonk would be more suitable for desktops.

Jonneh says:

SwiftKey always has some of the best April Fools day jokes! :-)

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haydenpup says:

Well done, Swiftkey. But I'm still bummed that most of your themes are more ridiculous than this April Fools joke!

AJErvin12 says:

Hilarious! Very well done.

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drokssilva says:

Oh queue the thats what she said jokes

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