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You might've read about this issue in Phil's latest column, or experienced it first-hand if you've upgraded to Android 4.2 on a device with SwiftKey installed. In any case, some SwiftKey users are finding that after upgrading to the latest version of Android on Nexus devices, the keyboard is either soft-disabled or removed entirely, taking user data along with it in some cases.

Fortunately, SwiftKey says it's in touch with Google to identify exactly what's going on --

"This is a rare but unfortunate report that we've recently been made aware of. We have contacted the Android development team to understand what caused this in their code. We are doing what we can on our end to resolve this issue for those affected.

"Meanwhile, please redownload SwiftKey from the same storefront you originally purchased it from. As long as you are signed into the same account that you originally used to purchase the application, you will not be charged a second time. Also, remember that to get SwiftKey fully installed, you may need to click on the SwiftKey 3 icon in your app drawer to initialize the installation process."

It's rare to see this kind of glitch in a major OS update, but at least there's a simple workaround for those affected. And for what it's worth, SwiftKey works just fine on Android 4.2 once it's installed.

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SwiftKey aware of Android 4.2 upgrade issues


That's odd, I've tried virtually every custom 4.2 ROM and I've had zero issues with Swiftkey using just my backups. I haven't had to re-download it.

Google needs to get on top of these 4.2 bugs. I have a galaxy nexus and still can't use a number of apps, wallpapers, or even send picture messages through anything but the stock messaging app.

Those all sounds like app compatibility issues rather than Android 4.2 issues not that 4.2 is bug free your just fixed on app compatibility rather than OS issues. Many times with updates to the Android OS apps have had to been updated to work right with the new version.

May be but with the competition in the smartphone market, new OS versions being not compatible with slightly old versions of apps could cost Google.

Look what's going on with BlackBerry apps fragmentation from their OS 5 to OS 6/7 and now to OS 10.

Personally, I find the SwiftKey and Swype is still better, Swiftkey's prediction engine is better and Swype's swiping keyboard can detect swipes better, it's rather aggravating when I have to retype the same word 3 times because the stock keyboard didn't detect my swipes properly. Only good thing about the stock keyboard is that it doesn't take a lot of RAM, it's the only reason why I didn't switch back to Swype. 512 MB of RAM on my phone isn't enough. Can't wait to upgrade so I can go back to Swype full-time (or SwiftKey Flow if it turns out to be really good).

I would not have noticed this bug since I wipe all my data before flashing the new OS version. I also got my swiftkey from the Amazon store, and for no good reason,I never back up the Amazon store apps, so I always re-download them, and only restore the data for any game I might not want to lose my progress on.

I had zero issues with SwiftKey when upgrading my GNex to 4.2 and 4.2.1. I wonder if I'm an anomaly, or if this issue is not across the board?

I have no issues on GNex 4.2.1, works just as it should, though until Flow i switched to stock keyboard, with custom dictionary swiping is amazing.

The only issue I have with gesture based swype-like typing, is that when I want to start a word, since I can't lift my finger off the screen, there are about 11 letters I can't see. In a demo setting it's great, but in real world use I prefer to type. (And by real world, I mean riding a NYC subway when it is crowded and you are holding on with one hand and the other on the phone, and you have only your thumb to work with. Add rocking of the train and people bumping into you)

I disagree, but I have memorized the keyboard layout so not seeing the keyboard isn't problematic to me, and I found that using swipe keyboards are easier to use &very practical. P.S.:I'm typing this while standing in my crowded school bus and the driver sucks at driving.

Swiftkey was removed from my GNex when updating but not from my wife's GNex. We have both had other annoying issues including random crashing, force closing and reboots. Not the best update Google has issued.

Every time I stop using swiftkey 3 right now with 4.2 I get a notification asking me to select the keyboard I want to use. But as soon as I select it the thing goes away or appears nonfunctional. Reinstalling swiftkey has not helped.