Surgeon Simulator for Android

Surgeon Simulator has made its debut in the Google Play Store today. Surgeon Simulator is a morbidly hilarious game where players have to perform life-saving operations with all the ineptitude that touch input has to offer.

Would-be doctors hold their tools with one finger, then tap at the target location with the other. At first it might just seem like there's a lot of random flailing and blood everywhere, but every procedure has a process which you can review in your retro iZap PDA. There's an unhealthy array of surgical tools to learn and master over the course of a lengthy single-player campaign.

Surgeon Simulator is available on tablets running Android 4.0.0 and up. No ART support, unfortunately. All in all, Surgeon Simulator is a bloody good time. Grab it at the link above for $5.99 with no in-app purchases. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, Amateur Surgeon by AdultSwim is pretty good too.

Besides all that, the pre-launch teaser trailer for Surgeon Simulator is pretty amazing.


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Surgeon Simulator teaches bad medicine on Android


Well, it is a Unity game, and Unity has yet to add ART support. That said, I turned off ART on my Moto X since it was causing SystemUI to constantly crash.

How's that a deal breaker? everyone should know going into art that not all apps work with it

Posted via Nexus 7 2013 or Galaxy S5

So only 3 reviews on this app..hmm..I'll get if when it drops to .99 cents and it does not work with my Nexus 4, my ONE Plus or my G Note 3

Hey, like a surgeon
Cuttin' for the very first time
Like a surgeon
Organ transplants are my line

Posted on my 2012 Nexus 7 via the Android Central App

I hope they put it on sale soon, this is way too expensive. Especially when you already have the Steam version.